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Amtico Spillage Remover

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Manufacturer : amtico

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Amtico Spillage Remover

Amtico Spillage Remover

Ready to use amtico spillage remover. It will remove most types of spillages before staining your floor. Amtico spillage remover is very efficient on sealed and unsealed amtico floors. Just spray amtico spillage remover on the spilland wipe out with a microfiber cloth or some toilet paper. It will remove with ease even the darkest drink. Amtico spillage remover should not miss from your home if you have amtico floors.

Amtico Spillage Remover is a ready to use cleaning product. It works on amtico ,marmoleum , vinyl, lino , rubber floors. Shake the vbottle before using it. Amtico spillage remover comes in 500 ml spray bottle.

If the stain is not fully removed in one go please repeat the operation.

Amtico Spillage Remover - avoid permanent damages to your amtico floor by using amtico spillage remover.


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