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Karndean Stripper

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Manufacturer : Karndean

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Karndean Stripper

Karndean Stripper 750 ML

Professional kardean floor stripper . It can be usedv for removing polish and sealant but also for the removal of glue residue that was left safter installation.

Kardean Stripper can be used for stripping off many types of floos including marmoleum , vinyl , amtico , rubber floors , etc.

Karndean Stripper is a very concentrated product and it will require dilution. Mix up 1 part of Kardean Stripper with 5 parts of warm water.

After application allow 5 minutes to work and then agitate the floor with a black floor pad or a semi hard brush. Remoce all the waste with a wet vac or a mop. If the floor was not stripped off in full please repeat the operation.

Karndean Atripper is also a great floor cleaner. Use on unsealed natural times only.

Seal the floor with Karndean Floor for long lasting results.

Karndean Floor Stripper 750 ML



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