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Bona Resident Plus

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Bona Resident Plus

-great quality water based floor varnish suitable for domestic use

-it will cover between 10 to 14 square meter of foor per 1L of varnish

-it can be applied direct on the wood surfaces without any primer

-very easy to apply, very low odour, very durable and very affordable

-suitable for varnishing wood floors, frames, windows, furniture, etc

-Bona Resident Plus is a varnish designed for interior use only

-available in matt finish, semi gloss finish and high gloss finishes


Bona Resident Plus - Where to use

This quality water based floor varnish it can be used to seal and finish any type of wood surfaces. It was designed for interior use only. Bona Resident Plus is suitable for varnishing domestic wood floors. Great resistance to wear, traffic and general cleaning products. It can be used for varnishing door frames, window frames, furniture, etc. It looks very natural and it will last for very long periods of time if the floor is maintained right. One of the most affordable water based floor varnish from Bona range.


Bona Resident Plus - How to use

You need to prepare the surface before varnishing. You can varnish new wood surfaces or newly sanded wood floors. Remove all the dust and make sure that the floor is nice and dry. Apply one coat of varnish with a varnish roller and allow 1 to 2 hours to dry. Use a small brush to varnish areas around edges or corners. Sand all the floor one more time with 120 or 150 grit sand paper and remove all the dust. Apply one mor coat and wait for 1 to 2 hours again. Apply the third and final coat of varnish and your job is done. Stain the wood with 24 hours before varnishing to avoid later issues.


Bona Resident Plus is a great quality water based floor varnish. It will seal and protect your floor for many years.


Bona Resident Plus

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