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Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Cartridge

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Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Cartridge



-easy to install on the wood floor spray mop

-it contains enough wood floor cleaner for 1 month

-it will create a high pressure mist for an even cleaning

-suitable for the commercial and domestic market


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Cartridge – How to use

This cartridge system was designed to fit with a Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop. This system is easy to install and it should contain enough cleaning agent for about 1 month of use. It has a easy click on system and it will work automat. The mopping system has powerful trigger that will create a lot of pressure inside the cartridge. When the trigger is pulled, a high pressure mist will be sprayed right in the front of the microfiber pad. This cartridge won`t work with any other brands of woof floor spray mops.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Cartridge – Where to use

Inside the cartridge, there is a wood floor cleaning product. This product was designed for cleaning all types of solid and semi solid wood floors that were finished with a varnish or a sealant. This product is not suitable for oiled floors or floors with no finish on it. The cartridge can be refilled with more wood floor cleaner and you don`t need to keep buying cartridges.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Cartridge – Cost effective

By using this smart wood floor cleaning system you are sure to get the maximum results for as little as possible. The cartridge will release very small amounts of wood floor cleaner in one go. The 1 litre cartridge contains enough product for 1 month of daily use in a 3 bed house.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Cartridge – professional results for less!

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