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Maxi Mop Head

  -top of the range professional mop head -it works with intercharge mop handle -better quality…

8.94 € + 23% VAT

Midi Mop Head

  -affordable premium quality mop head  -made from very absorbent materials -works with all…

7.22 € + 23% VAT

Mini Mop Head

  - 30  times more durable than the average cotton mop - mini mop head is made from very absorbent…

6.28 € + 23% VAT

12oz FREEDOM III Interchange Mop Head

  -high quality professional interchange mop head -designed for washing medium to big floor surfaces…

4.38 € + 23% VAT

16oz FREEDOM III Interchange Mop Head

  -premium quality cotton mop fitted with interchange head -suitable for heavy duty or light cleanomg…

4.84 € + 23% VAT

Interchange Handle

  -made from very heavy duty aluminium alloy -it will fit all types of interchange mop heads -suitable…

8.96 € + 23% VAT

Kentucky Mop 12oz CHSA

  -one of the most famous commercial mops in the world -very absorbent, very tough and very long…

2.81 € + 23% VAT

Cotton Mop 16PY - Universal Handle

  -professional quality cotton mop with universal handle fit -suitable for deep cleaning &…

2.14 € + 23% VAT

SM Exceed Hi-G 200g Blend Mop 38cm

  -high quality mops designed for light & heavy duty clean -made from very absorbent and very…

3.86 € + 23% VAT

Kentucky Mop 16oz

  -superb quality mop made from highly absorbent fibres -suitable foe commercial and domestic floor…

3.10 € + 23% VAT

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