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Craftex Smearless Glass Cleaner 5l

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Craftex Smearless Glass Cleaner 5l


-professional quality alcohol based window cleaner

-it will clean quick and it will leave no streaks

-it will remove most types of dirt on impact

-suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning

-it can be used as a polished floor cleaner as well

-ready to use product that requires no dilution


Craftex Smearless Glass Cleaner - Where to use

This superb quality alcohol based window cleaning produc can be used to deep clean or maintain all types of windows. It will clean with ease and it will evaporate within few seconds. Many floor cleaning companies are using Craftex Smearless Window Cleaner to deep clean porcelain and other types of highly polished floors. The product will deep clean the floor and it will leave the floor spotless. Craftex Smearess Window Cleaner is the ideal window cleaning agent for a window cleaning company. It will react with most types of dirt on impact and it will make window cleaning so easy. Suitable for cleaning stainless steel surfaces as well. Cleaning stainless steel sreak free can be a nightmare without the use of an alcohol based cleaner.



Craftex Smearless Glass Cleaner - How to use

The usual way of using this quality window cleaning product is in conjunction with a spray bottle. Just spray on the glass and lightly scrub the surface with a microfibre cloth or a towel cloth if the window is very dirty. Some very dirty windws might require a scrub with a green pad. This alcohol based window cleaning will evaporate within few seconds after the initial application. If you need to wash a porcelain or highly polished floor, you can just spray Craftex Smearless Window Cleaner over a small area and dry it up with a dry cloth or a dry mop. The surface will be left spotless and glossy. Craftex Smearless Window Cleaner can be used to clean stainless steel in commercial kitchens as well.


Craftex Smearless Glass Cleaner - Safety

You need to remember at all times that this professional window cleaning product is alcohol based. It cannot be used around fire or very hot surface. Do not mix with other alcohol based window cleaners to avoid reactions. Store away from kids and pets and do not keep it in the sun light. Use your common sense at all times.


If you own a cleaning company that cleans a lot of windows, you need to try Craftex Smearless Window Cleaner. This product is sure to make your job much faster and much cheaper. It can be used by professional window cleaning companies or by the domestic market. Craftex Smearless Window Cleaner it can bev used as a general multi purpose kitchen cleaner as well. If you require more information about this high quality alchol based window cleaner please call us now.


Craftex Smearless Window Cleaner - professional alcohol window cleaning product

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