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Junckers Sylvaneutralizer

Junckers Sylvaneutralizer - quality wood floor cleaner suitable for deep cleaning wood floors before…

16.74 € + 23% VAT

Junckers Sylvacleaner Wood Floor Cleaner

  -professional  quality neutral wood floor cleaner -suitable for heavy duty cleaning or maintenance…

31.41 € + 23% VAT

Junckers Rustic Top Oil

  -professional qualiy priming and finishing oil for untreated wood surfaces -it will provide superb…

1.00 € + 23% VAT

Junckers Refresher

  A water based top of the range refresher suitable for refreshing floors that were finished with…

1.00 € + 23% VAT

Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish 1L

  -top of the range water based wood floor polish -its satin finish is sure to enhance your wood…

14.99 € + 23% VAT

Sylva Cleaner Wood Floor Cleaner 1L

Sylva Cleaner 1L

17.58 € + 23% VAT

Junckers Sylva Strip

  -highly active wood floor stripper & polish remover -suitable for removing all types of water…

17.69 € + 23% VAT

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