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Prochem Browning Prescription 5L

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Prochem Browning Prescription 5L



A specially formulated acidic corrective agent for direct spray treatment of jute, cellulosic browning, yellowing , tea, coffee and tanning stains on carpets and fabrics. It will get read of all types of yellowing markings. It can be used on very sensitive fibres as well but a pretesting is highly recommended.

-powerful acidic stain and spot remover

-efficient on tea, coffee,tanning & other stains

-suitable for commercial and domestic

-high dilution rate : at least 1 to 10

Prochem Browning Prescription - How To Use

Dilute this amazing stain remover before using it. The dilution rate can vary from job to job but it should be around 1 to 10. Pre-spray the whole area and allow 5 to 15 min to work. Scrub the whole area with a soft brush (buffer) and use an extraction carpet cleaning machine to remove the waste. Repeat the operation if the results are not satisfactory.

Prochem Browning Prescription - Where to use

Prochem Browning Prescription is an acidic spot remover and pre-testing is highly recommended. It can be used on all types of carpets, fabrics, some rugs, mattresses, upholstery, chairs & curtains. DFo not mix Prochem Browning Prescription with any other types of stain removers or other chemicals. It can irritate your skin so please wear a pair of gloves.

An amazing stain and spot remover from Prochem. It will remove or improve coffee & tea stains as well. Suitable for spot treatments or big surfaces.

Prochem Browning Prescription




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