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Prochem Citra-Boost 1L

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Prochem Citra-Boost 1L



A high quality booster that can be added to any carpet cleaning shampoo or stain remover to enhance its power. It will boost the detergent cleaning powder and it will help you achieve better results with less effort. It works as efficient with extraction carpet cleaning system & dry carpet cleaning systems. A brilliant way of enhancing the power of a medium carpet cleaning shampoo.

-a premium quality solvent based citrus booster

-it will enhance the cleaning power of most stain removers

-suitable to use on carpeted floors and fabrics

-it contains a pleasant citrus fragrance

Prochem Citra Boost - Where to use

Prochem Citra Boost can be used on all types of washable carpets and fabrics. It can be used on its own or it can be added to a solution tank to increase the stain removing power of any carpet cleaning shampoo. A solvent based stain remover and carpet cleaning shampoo.

Prochem Citra Boost - How to use

Add about 1 L of Prochem Citra Boost per about 50L of carpet cleaning shampoo and wash the carpets or the upholstery as usual.You will notice amazing stain removing power and much better results will be achieved. It can be also added to stain remover to double its cleaning power. It can be used on its own as well. Just pour some Prochem Citra Boost on the stain, allow time to work, scrub well and extract the waste. Brilliant results guaranteed.

A truly brilliant product that should not miss from any carpet cleaning van. A very cost effective product.

Prochem Citra Boost


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USER - Nota 5

03 Decembrie 2017

One of the best product i have ever used. It will double the power of the strongest carpet cleaning detergent.

Great little product

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