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Prochem Double Clean 4K

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Prochem Double Clean 4K




Prochem Double Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder is one of the most popular carpet cleaning powder in the world. It`s amazing dilution rate of 1 to 666 and its superb cleaning power have made this product highly popular within the carpet cleaning industry. By using Prochem Double Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder you can reduce your cleaning products usage by over 500%! The 4k bucket contains enough detergent to deep clean the carpets in between 50 to 100 standard x 3 bed house.

Prochem Double Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder can be used for deep cleaning carpets, rugs, sofas, upholstery, curtains, etc. The most cost effective carpet cleaning chemical from Prochem range.

-amazing dilution rate - 1 to 666

-very low foam (no need to use defoamer)

-soft on fibres but tough on dirt

-suitable with all extraction machines

-it contains a pleasant citrus fragrance

-suitable for domestic and commercial jobs

Prochem Double Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder - Where to use

Prochem Double Clean is a professional heavy duty carpet cleaning detergent suitable for washing all types of carpets and fibres. It can be used with all types of extraction machines. Very dirty carpets might require pre-spray before cleaning. It will vlean and refresh the whole area.

Suitable for washing carpets, rugs, mattresses, sofas, upholstery, curtains, etc. Pre-test before using it on a big scale. Amazing results on commercial carpets or baddly stained carpets.

Prochem Double Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder - How to use

This amazing carpet cleaning powder has to be diluted before using it. Respect the dilution rate to avoid wasting the product. Do not mix the powder inside the solution tank in your carpet cleaning machine to avoid filter blocking. Use a bucket with warm water and sprinkle the powder in the water. Stir well the solution and you are ready to go. Some badly stained carpet might require pre-spray  before cleaning it with Prochem Double Clean. Do not use on wool or silk fibres.

Prochem Double Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder


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USER - Nota 5

07 Decembrie 2017

Premium carpet cleaning powder. I used to use Karcher carpet cleaning powder before but i found it useless. One of my mates has recommended Prochem Double Clean.

Amazing product. Much more durable, much more efficient, crazy dilution rate & pretty cheap.

Highly Recommended

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