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Prochem Leather Conditioner 500 ml

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Prochem Leather Conditioner 500 ml


Polishing leather surfaces is not easy. Most grocery shops leather cleaners & conditioners do not work or it costs a lot of money. Try Prochem Leather Conditioner right now and be ready to be amazed. Most leather cleaning companies are using it so it must be good. Suitable for commercial and domestic use

-premium leather conditioner and oil refresher

-it refreshes and rejuvenate leather surfaces

-ready to use leather conditioner PH 6

-to be used on clean and dry leather surfaces

-amazing results guaranteed all the time

-efficient on sofas, car seats, jackets, etc

Prochem Leather Conditioner  - Where to use

This product is safe to use on all types of leather surfaces. Many sofa cleaning companies are using Prochem Leather Conditioner to restore and refresh leather sofas. This product is highly popular with the car valeting business as well. Old & tired leather surfaces can be restored to a new look like.

Prochem Leather Conditioner - How to use

Deep clean the leather before applying the conditioner. The conditioner will only polish the leather. Use Prochem Leather Cleaner to deep clean the leather. Spray the leather cleaner all over the sofa or whatever surface you need to clean, allow 2-5 min to work, scrub well the leather with a rough microfiber cloth and allow to dry. Use a dry soft microfiber cloth to apply a thin coat of conditioner all over the leather surface. Wait 2 to 3 min and buff the leather. Use fast rotation moves with a dry microfiber cloth. You will notice the gloss appearing. No tools needed to polish leather.

Prochem Leather Conditioner


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USER - Nota 5

22 Decembrie 2017

Amazing little product. It enhances the look of leather instant and it lasts forever.

I would recommend it

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