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Screening Discs 17 inch - 100 Grit

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Screening Discs 17 inch - 100 Grit


-very good quality professional screening discs

-it will work with a low speed 17" floor scrubber

-suitable for finishing all types of wood flooring

-our screening pads can be used on both sides 

-much better quality than simmilar screening discs

-highly popular within the floor sanding industry

-affordable, durable and very heavy duty product


Screening Discs 17"/100 Grit - Where to use

The screening pads are the ideal wood finishing tool. It will provide that perfect smooth surface on newly sanded wood floors. Most belt sanders will leave imperfections and scratches on the wood. The easiest way of smoothing up the floor is with a screening pad. The pad will finish the floor perfect and it will leave the surface ready for varnishing. One more sanding with a screening disc will be required after the first coat of varnish is dry. Both sides of the disc can be used.


Screening Disc 17"/100 Grit - How to use

Using a screening disc is a pretty easy operation. The disc will attach perfect to a standard 17" floor pad and the weight of the sander fill create the right pressure for the disc to work. Floor buffers with a speed of 200 RPM are the best tool for the job. Buff the whole floor evenly to assure perfect smooth surface. If there is no more dust generated bu the disc, you will have to change the disc or to turn it on the other side. One disc should do about 30-40 square meter of wood floor. Use 120 grit screening discs when sanding between coatings.


Screeening Disc 17"/ 100 Grit 

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