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Tover Idrolak DR90 Gloss

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Tover Idrolak DR90 Gloss

-commercial water based floor varnish suitable for high traffic floors

-it will provide a great glossy finish that is known to last for many years

-superb resistance to alcohol spillages, strong chemicals & abrasion

-quality water basede mono-component varnish with added hardener

-very easy to apply, very easy to maintain and very cost effective product

-it will cover between 10 to 12 square meter of wood floor per gallon

-re-coatable after only 2 hours and it can be buffeed after only 4 hours


Tover Idrolak DR90 Gloss - Where to use

This product can be used to varnish any type of wood surface. Due to its high resitance, it is suitable to use on wood floors that are in constant use. It will last up to 5 years even under constant traffic. Tover Idrolak DR90 Gloss is a mono-component water based varnish suitable for internal use. You can use it to varnish floors, furniture, windows, doors, frames, etc. It will keep the wood very natural looking. Due to its high gloss finish, it is used mostly for varnishing commercial floors or domestic floors where a great glossy finish is required.


Tover Idrolak DR90 Gloss - How to use

All Tover products are very easy to use and no special training is required. Sand up the wood floor, remove all the old finishes, deep clean the floor to make sure that there is not more dust left, make sure that the wood surface is dry & apply the first coat of varnish. Use a small edge brush to avoid staining any wood work and varnish the rest of the surface with a roller or a varnish applicator. Allow about 2 hours to dry, re-sand the whole floor again with 12or 150 grit sand paper, remove the dust ans apply 2 more coats of varnish with 1 hour break between coats. Job done. If you need to stain the floor, do it with 24 hours prior varnishing and ventilate the room well. Do not over stain to avoid long drying times.


Tover Idrolak DR90 Gloss - if you are looking for a water based gloss floor varnish, you need to try this product!

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