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Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt

Price: 117.17 €

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Manufacturer : tover

Product Code : TOV11-EM

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Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt


-another high quality water based floor varnish from Tover

-one of the very few extra matt water based varnishes

-suitable for varnishing floors and all types of wood works

-it will cover between 10 to 14 sq meter per L of varnish

-suitable for floors with high and very high constant traffic

-it will not alter the natural look of any wood surface treated

-very durable, very easy to use and very cost effective product

-it comnes in two pack, the varnish itself and the hardener


Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt - Where to use

Universa water based varnish suitable to use on any type of wood surface. Highly recommended for varnishing prestigious floors due to its extra matt finish. It will provide outstanding protection and outstanding durability without glazing the surface. This water based high traffic varnish was designed for internal usage only. Suitable for varnishing newly stained wood surfaces. This varnish can be used without any professional training. It dries fast, it covers very well and it has no odour. This is the ideal water based varnish to treat wood surfaces that have look 100% natural.


Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt - How to use

Apply it only on new wood surfaces or newly sanded wood surfaces. Remove all the dust generated by sanding and make sure that the floor is dry. If you have stained the wood surface with a water based wood stain, please allow between 2 to 24 hours for the stain to dry. Apply one coat of varnish with a soft brush around the edges and a roller on big surfaces. This water based floor varnish can also be sprayed with a special spray applicator. Two hours later the first coat should be dry. The varnish will feel rough and uneeven on touch so you will have to re-sand the whole surface with 150 grit sand paper. By doing so, you will even up all the imperfection and you will assure that the second and the third coat will look and feel smoth.  Do not speed up the process and do not varnish the second coat unless the first coat is dry.


Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt - very few extra matt varnishes will match the looks of Tover Idrolak DR97 Extra Matt!

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