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Bona Mix & Fill Plus

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Bona Mix & Fill Plus


-top of the range waterborne gap filler from Bona

-suitable for filling in gas between 0.1 to 0.3 cm

-it will dry fast and it will blend in with the floor

-suitable to use on all types of wooden floors

-it can be sanded within 1 hour after application

-no fumes, no bad odours, no danger to user

-recommended for domestic and commercial


Bona Mix & Fill Plus - Where to use

Some floors look well with gaps while other don`t. If you are not happy to have gaps between your floor boards, you can use Bona Mix & Fill Gap Filler to fill those gaps. This product is easy to use and not a lot of experience is required. Gaps up to 0.3 mm can be easily filled with without any problems. Even if the floor is under constant traffic, Bona Mix & Fill Plus is well know to last for many years. The gap filler will attached to the floor board and it will get very hard. It can be sanded after only 1 hour. Suitable for filling up gaps on semi solid and solid wood floors.


Bona Mix & Fill Plus - How to use

You want the gap filler to look 100% like your floor so you will need to mix up the gap filler with wood dust from your own floor. First, you need to sand up the floor and remove all the existing finishes. After the floor is clean and dry, you will have to re-sand the whole floor again and collect all the dust generated. In a buket, you can add the dust to the gap filling solution and you have to mix it up untill it looks like a thick cream. The gap filler has no colour so the only colour visible will be of the wood dust that got wet. Even if the mix up looks darker when wet, it will dry up to look just like your floor. Apply it all over the floor with a wide scraper or some trowel. Make sure that all the gaps got filled and allow it to dry. Depending on weather, it can take between 1 to 3 hours to fully dry. After the gap filler is dry, sand the whole floor and prepare the surface for varnishing or whatever finish you want to apply. Job done


Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler is a professional product that is used by most local floor sanding companies. Filling up the gaps between your floor boards can have many benefits. You can stop the draft on house build on wood frame, you can avoid spillages going on your downstair ceilings and you will improve the look of your floor.


Bona Mix & Fill Plus Gap Filler - filling up the gaps between your floor boards cannot be easier!



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