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Bona Traffic HD

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Bona Traffic HD


-very high traffic water based commercial floor varnish

-suitable for restaurants, pubs, schools, public buildings

-available in matt finish, semi gloss finish and glossy

-suitable for varnishing floors, furniture, frames, wood work

-it comes in two pack package, 4.5 L varnish & 0.5 L hardener

-this varnish dries fast and it is known to last for many years

-the most popular varnish in Europe for the past 20 years

-superb resitance against scuff, scratches & chemicals

-highly recommended for child minding businesses


Bona Traffic HD - Where to use

Bona Traffic HD has made history. Over the past 20 years this varnish was used to varnish the floors of many airports, restaurants, public buildingd, pubs, schools and homes. Bona Traffic HD is the ideal high traffic water based floor varnish due to its durability, fast drying times and outstanding natural looks. Floors that are treated with Bona Traffic HD are known to last for at least 5 years under constant traffic. Bona Traffic HD is suitable for varnishing all types of solid and semi solid wood flors and all types of other wood surfaces. It will finish the wood in a nice natural look finish. Bona Traffic HD is an interior varnish and not suitable for varnishing exterior wood surfaces.


Bona Traffic HD - How to use

First of all, you will need to prepare the surface. It is highly recommended that you only varnish new wood surfaces or newly sanded wood surfaces. The area needs to be dry and dust free before varnishing. If you have to stain the wood, do it with 24 hours before varnishing to assure that the stain is fully dry. Prepare the varnish before using it. This high traffic water based floor varnish comes in two pack, 4.5L of varnish and 0.5L of hardener. Add about 100 ML of hardener per 1 L of varnish and mix it well. Do not mix more than you need at once because after it is mixed up, it will only stay liquid for up to 4 hours. After 4 hours it will get hard inside the bottle. Apply the first coat with a roller and a small brush around the edges. Allow 1 to 2 hours to dry and sand the whole surface one more time with 120 to 150 grit sand paper. This operation will assure smoother finish. Apply 2 more coats of varnish with 2 hours break between coats. Job done.


The most important thing for assuring long lasting results, is the maintenance. The floor needs to be cleaned regular with proper wood floor cleaners. Use Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop to achieve the best results!


Bona Traffic HD - this water based high traffic floor varnish is sure to amaze you!





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USER - Nota 5

22 Decembrie 2017

Highly recommended. It dries fast, it looks cool and it lasts for years. It is a bit pricey but it is well worth it. With 5 L of bona traffic hd i manage to apply 3 coats on my living room. 3 years later still looks like new.

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