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Tover Essenza Invisible Varnish

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Tover Essenza Invisible Varnish

-invisible water based floor varnish suitable for prestigious floors

-it will not alter the natural look of your wood floor in any negative way

-suitable for use on wood  floor with high to very high constant traffic

-superb resistance to cleaning products, acidic chemicals and wear

-suitable for varnishing wood floors, furniture, door frames, woodwork

-5 L of varnish will cover around 70 square meter of wood floor x 1 coat

-no need for primer and it will provide outstanding results with two coats

-it comes in two pack package, 4.5 L floor varnish and 0.5 L hardener


Tover Essenza Invisible Varnish - Where to use

This particular water based two component floor varnish is a very special product. It was designed to be used on prestigious and rare wood floors, to keep the natural look of the wood surface and to provide superb protection. It will be fully absorbed by the wood and it will not glaze the wood surface. The wood surface will look like it was not touched at all but it is fully protected agains scratches, spillages and chemicals. Tover Essenza Invisible Varnish is the ideal replacement for oils and waxes. It will provide superior protection and it will maintain the natural look of the wood. This very high traffic water based floor varnish it can be used to seal any type of interior wood surfaces. Many churches and local restaurants have had their floors finished with this amazing product.


Tover Essenza Invisible Varnish - How to use

Remove all the pre-existing finishes from the surface and make sure that the floor is dust free and dry. Apply 1 coat of Tover Essenza Invisible Varnish and allow about 2 hours to dry. Apply a second coat within 2 hours and allow time to dry. Drying periods can vary from day to day and floor to floor. Two coats of varnish should be more than enough to achieve the best protection but more coats can be done if required. It can be applied over stained wood surfaces. This water based floor varnish is called "invisible" so do not expect to see it on the floor. The floor will look untouched & 100% natural. This varnish comes in two pack, 4.5 L of varnish and 0.5 L of hardener. Add 100 ML of hardener per 1 L of varnish. Only mix the righ quantity needed for this particular job. Whatever varnish mixture that was not used within 4 hours, it will go hard inside the bottle.


Tover Essenza Invisible Varnish - the world first invisible varnish ready for ordering!

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