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Tover Idrolak DR97 Semi Gloss

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Tover Idrolak DR97 Semi Gloss


-top of the range natural looking water based floor varnish

-it comes in two pack, 4.5 L varnish and 0.5 L hardener

-suitable for varnishing floors, furniture and wood works

-highly recommended for varnishing commercial floors

-it can be applied with a roller or a commercial spray system

-superb resistance to chemical products and abrasion

-it will finish the wood in a cool natural looking finish

-5L of varnish will cover up to 70 sq meter of wood x 1 coat


Tover Idrolak DR97 Semi Gloss - Where to use

This top of the range water based two components varnish was designed for very high traffic floors. If your floor gets decent traffic but it cannot be classified as "high traffic", maybe you should use a cheaper varnish from Tover that costs much less. Tover Idrolak DR97 Semi Gloss, is a very popular water based floor varnish within the floor sanding industry. Many local floor sanding companies are only using DR97. This water based floor varnish is the ideal finishing product for schools floor, office wood floors, pubs, restaurants, art galleries, etc. It can be used for varnishing furniture or any other type of wood work around the house. Tover Idrolak DR97 Semi Gloss is a beautiful varnish that enhances the look of any wood surface.


Tover Idrolak DR97 Semi Gloss - How to use

When you order Tover Idrolak DR97 Semi Gloss, you will receive two bottles. One big bottle 4.5 l and a small bottle 0.5l. The big bottle contains the varnish and the small bottle contains the hardener. The hardener needs to be added to the varnish before using it. You should add about 100 ml per 1 L of varnish. Only mix what you need to use within 4 hours. After 4 hours, the mixture will get hard inside the bottle and it cannot be used anymore. Make sure that the surface that needs to be varnished is dust free and dry. Varnish only wood surfaces that are new or newly sanded. The varnish might not bond well with pre-existing finishes.Apply 1 coat of varnish and allow up 2 hours to dry. Lightly re-sand the whole surface with 120 to 150 grit sand paper and remove all the dust. Don`t worry about the surface looking scratched, it will even up after the second coat. Apply at least 3 coats of varnish for full protection. If you varnish a stained surface that is not fully dry, the varnish will react with it and it will make the wood look "milky". Don`t worry, it will dry within few hours and it will start looking good within few hours.


If you are looking for a water based two pack floor varnish, you should try Tover Idrolak DR97 Semi Gloss. Beautiful looking varnish with very high life expectancy!

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