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Tover Uniqua SQ Semi Gloss

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Tover Uniqua SQ Semi Gloss


-one of the world strongest water based floor varnishes

-suitable for high to very high traffic commercial floors

-provides superior protection against active chemicals

-very easy to apply and very fast drying periods between coats

-suitable to use on floors, furniture, skirting boards, frames

-it will cover between 30 to 70 square meter of floor x 1 coat

-suiable to apply over oil based stains and other primers


Tover Uniqua SQ Semi Gloss - How to use

You are just about to use one of the most durable and heavy duty water based floor varnish ever made. To achieve outstanding durable results, you will need to respect few very basic rules. First of all, make sure that all the pre-existing finishes were removed in full, all the dust was vacuumed away and the wood surface is dry. If you have to apply a stain before varnishing, make sure that the stain is fully dry before varnishing to avoid later issues. Apply one coat of varnish with the roller. Use a little brush around the edges to avoid messing up skirtings or furniture. 2 hours later the varnish should be fully dry. Another quick sanding operation with 120 to 150 grit sand paper is required to assure that all the small imperfecdtions are flaten up. Remove all the dust and apply at least one more coat of varnish. Most furnitures will do with two coats while most floors will require 3 coats. The first coat of varnish will absorb a lot of varnish, the second coat will absorb much less and even less on the third coat. Job done.


Tover Uniqua SQ Semi Gloss - Where to use

This very high traffic floor varnish can be used on any type of wood surface. It will look great on floors, it will look great on wood work and it will enhance old antic furniture. The recommended coverage area is 10-15 square meter per litre but the actually coverage can vary from surface to surface. Very dry wood surfaces will require a primer before varnishing to avoid over absorbtion. The sealant will block all the thirsty pours and it will prevent varnish wasting. Bear in mind that Tover Uniqua SQ Semi Gloss Varnish is one of the strongest varnishes ever made and it costs about double than similar domestic varnishes. You do not need such a strong varnish to varnish your bedroom floor or your desk  but you do need it if you need to varnish a school floor, a pub floor or any other type of floor with very high traffic.

If you require any more information about any of our high traffic water based floor varnishes, please contact us. If you are not sure what type of varnih to use on what surface, call us before ordering online.


Tover Uniqua SQ Semi Gloss

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