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30 Cm Interchange Broom

  • Premium quality small sized universal broom compatible with interchange handle

  • Available in four distinct colours, available in soft bristle or heavy duty stiff bristle

  • Suitable for sweeping footpaths, paving, all types of floors, indoor and outdoor use

  • Manufactured from heavy duty shock resistant and chemical resistant components

  • Ideal for use in a shop, a garage, a small warehouse and also for domestic and industrial use

  • The broom has sharp corners to fit in all narrow and hard to reach areas/corners

  • Very reasonably priced, outstanding quality, designed to be used wet and dry

30 Cm Interchange Broom - Where to use

A small-medium sized broom suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic use. The broom is compatible with the Colour Coded Interchange Handle and can be used for indoor and outdoor cleaning projects. Safe to use it for light scrubbing or in conjunction with a strong cleaning agent. The new 30 Cm Interchange Broom is not affected by hot water, harsh chemicals or shocks. This particular broom is available in soft bristle for gentle brushing or stiff bristle for heavy duty scrubbing. Available in 4 different colours.

30 Cm Interchange Broom - How to use

Join the broom and the interchange handle until the whole setting looks fixed and steady. If you are planning to use the broom for light domestic sweeping, you should select the soft bristle broom or if you are undertaking an outdoor cleaning project you can use the stiff bristle broom for better results. Very dirty areas might require a cleaning agent to break dirt and residue. Apply more pressure on the broom when cleaning heavy duty dirt and little pressure when sweeping up dust or light dirt particles. 

This is a professional quality broom to suit all industries. Manufactured from heavy duty plastic components, the new 30 Cm Interchange Broom will provide top quality results for many years.

30 Cm Interchange Broom

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