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12 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer

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-professional quality 12 l mop bucket with squeezer

-suitable for commercial and domestic floor cleaning

-made from very thick & durable plastic components

-suitable for light and heavy duty floor cleaning

-made from durable anti shock, heat resistant material

-bigger and better than the classic 10 l mop buckets

-this mop bucket is produced by TTS cleaning equipment


12 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer – Where to use

Our mop buckets are designed for heavy duty use and will last for many years. Heat resistant and shock resistant. Can be used for day to day floor cleaning jobs or for heavy duty after build floor cleaning jobs. Its thick walls make it ideal for removing waste from the site as well. Many schools, pubs, restaurants, gyms etc. use our mop buckets on a daily basis. Our bucket is 20% bigger than standard mop buckets and 100% better. Suitable for domestic cleaning as well.


12 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer – How to use

It is always recommended to dilute the cleaning agent and the water in the bucket. Mix the solution and then fit the squeezer. Soak the mop head and wring it out using the squeezer. If you need the mop head to stay as wet as possible, do not apply a lot of pressure when using the squeezer. If you need the mop head to be nearly dry, squeeze it a few times in the squeezer. A replacement squeezer can be purchased. You can even soak your mop heads over night in the bucket & we can guarantee you that the plastic will not change colour in contact with bleach or acidic chemicals. You can also remove the squeezer and you can use the bucker for any type of work you might have to do.


12 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer – Recommendation

Buy quality if you want it to last. TTS mop buckets are one of the most popular brands of mop buckets in the world. Widely used on all continents. Try our mop bucket now and we can guarantee that it will outlast any other type of shop bought mop bucket.



12 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer – Outstanding quality for fair prices!

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