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14 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 5040R
  • Availability: 10

-another quality mop bucket with squeezer from TTS

-made from reinforced plastic to prevent rust & fading

-suitable for medium to big commercial floor cleaning

-due to its quality build this mop bucket is very cost efficient

-highly popular with the garage industry and schools

-suitable for commercial and domestic floor cleaning jobs

-the squeezer can be purchased separately


14 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer – Where to use

Here is the ideal mop bucket. Small enough to suit domestic use and big enough for commercial usage. Our 14 l mop bucket with squeezer is in big demand with medium sized businesses. It will fit in all the narrow storage areas, it contains 40% more cleaning solution and it costs much less than a commercial mop bucket with a wringer. It is designed to resist shock, rust, acidic chemicals and sunshine. Very few other brands of mop buckets sell mop buckets in 14 L size. Built from reinforced plastic components.


14 L Mop Bucket With Squeezer – How to use

The 14 l mop bucket can be used for day to day floor cleaning and maintenance or for heavy duty site usage. The squeezer can be removed with ease and the bucket can be used for a number of other jobs. Suitable for soaking dirty mops over night or for washing greasy kitchen fittings in acidic solutions. This bucket will not be affected by any chemical or heat. Highly recommended for school floor cleaning, pub floor cleaning, etc. To be fully appreciated, this mop bucket needs to be seen. Drop around our office and have a look at our product range.


14 L Mop Bucket With Wringer – Recommendation

Use this mop bucket and reduce the need for using many mop buckets in the same building. This mop bucket is the perfect size for your business. 40% bigger than most standard mop buckets. It will require less refilling and it will cover a larger floor area. Superb product for very reasonable prices. The durability of this mop bucket is outstanding. No other mop bucket will last as long as our product.



14 L Mop Bucket With Wringer – Outstanding quality for fair prices!

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