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15ltr Eco Mop Bucket Black

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 5060BK.ECO
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15ltr Eco Mop Bucket Black


  • Low cost budget eco mop bucket suitable for domestic & light commercial use

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, colour black, 15 litres, great quality

  • Sold with a large cone wringer, fixed plastic handle, pouring lip, shock resistant

  • Compatible with all types of cotton, plastic, microfiber mops, highly recommended

  • UV ray safe, it can be used with hot water or cold water, not affected by chemicals

  • It can be used for mopping floors, carrying chemicals & cleaning tools, mixing solutions

  • One of the cheapest plastic mop buckets available in Ireland, light, tough, durable


15ltr Eco Mop Bucket Black - Where to use

Top quality eco plastic mop bucket suitable for domestic and light commercial cleaning projects. It can be used for mixing up cleaning solutions, carrying chemicals, filling up solution tanks & other types of projects where a bucket is required. Manufactured from heat resistant & shock resistant plastic components. One of the very few pure black mop buckets. Manufactured 100% from recycled plastic components.


15ltr Eco Mop Bucket Black - How to use

Fill up the mop bucket with warm or cold water and add a floor cleaning detergent. Select a mop head that can fit the plastic squeeze and soak the mop head in the cleaning solution. Use the mop on the floor until you notice that the mop is drying out. Place the mop back into the bucket, soak well, then lift up the mop head and insert it in the squeezer to squeeze out excess water. Then wash another area of the floor and repeat the process until the floor is clean or the water in the bucket too dirty. 

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15ltr Eco Mop Bucket Black

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