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16oz FREEDOM III Interchange Mop Head

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-premium quality cotton mop fitted with interchange head

-suitable for heavy duty or light cleanomg of big floor surfaces

-suitable for washing all types of sealed & unsealed floors

-highly recommended for mopping schools & warehouse floors

-made from very durable and water resistent cotton fibers

-one of our best selling interchange cotton mop head


Syr Freedom III 16oz Mop


Interchange Mop Head 16oz Review

Your mop head should be able to clean the dirt and grime off your floor. You want a tool with high performance that will eliminate even the stubborn stains. You may have a sophisticated cleaning solution, but, without the right application tool, its productivity will the reduced. You also want a mop head that will save labour and reduce application costs. As such, when looking for mop heads you should consider various factors such as size, construction and the application process. The Interchange Mop Head 16oz meets the requirements to get your floor sparkling. Here is what it does or you:


Benefits Of The Interchange Mop Head 16oz


1. Effectively and efficiently cleans

This mop head is highly absorbent and picks up all kinds of grease and gunk from your floor. It can be used for tasks ranging from everyday cleaning to deep cleaning and working on abrasive surfaces. It works in corners, gets on base boards and can even reach tough areas like under your furniture. The Interchange Mop Head 16oz also cuts down on the time you'll spend cleaning your floor. You’ll be able to achieve a gleaming surface in a fraction of the time you’d have spent using regular mopping systems. This reduces the workload for your janitors and cleaning staff when working on large establishments and office blocks. It also means you're cleaning schedule at home can be sped up- plus you'll easily clean up those spills at the table as soon as they happen, without getting late for work in the morning. 


2. Blended Yarn

The Interchange Mop Head 16oz is made using a blend of cotton and polyester. This provides the ideal balance of performance, cost and appearance. Thus, this heavy duty mop head is recommended for large areas from showrooms and malls to industries and schools. And since its effective for the large scale establishments, you can trust it to clean your home. 


3. Looped ends

The looped nature of the Interchange Mop Head 16oz enables you to use it for intensive cleaning tasks. It prevents linting, as pieces of material won’t be left strewn on the floor after you clean. This also prevents fraying or unravelling. 


4. Ergonomic

You want a tool that is easy to use. The Interchange Mop Head 16oz is sized to both the person who will be moping, and the wringer that it'll be used with. This prevents worker fatigue and increases productivity.


5. Durable

The Interchange Mop Head 16oz will clean your floor for longer. It's works on both residential and commercial properties, and remains effective for over 8 times longer than conventional mop heads. You can use it anywhere, from your room to large warehouses.


6. Machine washable

You can take the Interchange Mop Head 16oz through the washing machine after you're done working on your floor, or launder it by hand. This enhances your hygiene standards, as you’ll be able to sanitise the mop head after cleaning sessions. The looped ends allow you to wash it in the machine, unlike cut end mop heads that could get entangled in the wash. This makes the Interchange Mop Head 16oz ideal for use in health care institutions


7. Works with the interchange handle.ons like hospitals and nursing homes, food factories, public venues, and other areas with high human traffic and stringent cleaning requirements. 

The Interchange Mop Head 16oz is designed to fit the interchange handle, so you won't have to worry about getting different handles for your units. This lowers your budget on cleaning products, and also saves your storage space.


8. Colour coded

The Interchange Mop Head 16oz is colour coded for department segregation, HACCP, and prevents cross contamination. These systems are mainly implemented in places where bacteria and germs may spread easily, and where hygiene standards are critical such as hospitals and food establishments. The industry system uses different colours such as red for high risk areas (toilets and urinals), blue for all purpose cleaning (like in offices), and green for food service areas (kitchen, dining areas, etc.). You can implement your own customized system at home. For example, the blue mop heads can be reserved for cleaning up water, while the red ones get designated to clean up potentially hazardous substances. Colour coding also helps with quick identification of inventory for business premises and cleaning companies.


Using The Interchange Mop Head 16oz


Follow these steps:

1. Start by vacuuming the floor. It will get rid of the bulk of the dust, hair, dander and other kinds of loose particles on the floor.

2. Prepare the cleaning solution in a bucket. Note that that the solution should be ideal for your floor. Different floors have different needs- from wood, concrete, tile, linoleum and vinyl floors. In case there are dilution ratios on the product label, ensure you follow them strictly.

3. Soak the Interchange Mop Head 16oz in the cleaning solution. For the first application, don't wring it. Let it drip, then slop it onto the floor.

4. Mop using short strokes. Rinse and wring the mop as needed. The frequency of rinsing depends on the amount of soiling on the floor.


You should divide the floor into sections to make your work easier. Start with the farthest corner and work your way to the exit. In addition, change the cleaning solution when it gets murky, to ensure that you don't spread the dirt back onto the floor. 


Tips For Maintaining The Interchange Mop Head 16oz

· Sweep and vacuum up the dust and grit regularly. It will reduce your workload when you have to mop, plus it'll protect your carpet and hard floor.


· Rinse and wring it after every cleaning session. This will prevent you from spreading dirt and pathogens all over your floor on the next time you decide to clean. In addition give it a thorough wash every once in a while to refresh the yarn and get rid of any chemical residue.


· Allow the Interchange Mop Head 16oz to air dry after washing. Never store it when wet, to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.


· Avoid twisting the Interchange Mop Head 16oz when it’s in the wringer to prevent the strands from loosening.


· Avoid flooding the floor. That will only increase our workload. Use a reasonable amount of water- you just want the floor to be damp.


· Do not leave the mop head in dirty water for extended periods. This will prevent bacteria and mould growth, and protect the fibres from weakening.


Interchange Mop Head 16oz - professional results for less!



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