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17" Black Floor Pads

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 2020
  • Availability: 95

17" Black Floor Pads

-high quality 17" black floor pads suitable for scrubbing

-build from top of the range long lasting materials

-suitable for stripping off most types of floor polish

-recommended for use with low speed machines

-suitable for wet scrubbing tiles, terrazzo, marble, etc


17" Black Floor Pads - Where to use

The 17" black floor pads were designed for heavy duty floor scrubbing and floor stripping. This pad is very rough and it cannot be used for cleaning polished surfaces. Highly recommended for removing floor polish from most types of floors and for scrubbing heavy duty dirt build ups. It can be used for deep cleaning tiles, terracotta, terrazzo, marble, porcelain, ceramic, concrete floors, etc. It can also be used for stripping marmoleum, amtico, lino, vinyl, wood, etc. The 17" black floor pads cannot be used with high speed floor buffers.

17" Black Floor Pads - How to use

This very rough floor pad can be used with all types of low speed floor machines and floor scrubbers. Do not use the 17" black floor pad to polish floors. It will remove the existing finish and it will damage your floors. If you plan to strip a floor, please apply the stripper over the whole area, allow up to 5 minutes to react and then start scrubbing the floor with the black floor pad. Dp not scrub the same area over and over to avoid scratching the floor. If you plan to clean natural stone floors, make sure that the floor has no polish on it before you start. Wet the floor and scrub it well with the black floor pad.

A floor could take days to polish and it can take a few seconds to damage. Make sure that you know what you are doing and only use this rough floor pad for scrubbing. The 17" black floor pad can be used daily on concrete floors, warehouses, factories, carparks, etc. You can only use it on very hard floors. It can be used on soft floors for stripping only. If you need more information about our 17" black floor pads please call us before you start scrubbing the floor.

17" Black Floor Pad - professional cleaning results for less!



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