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-very high speed buffing floor pads

-made from high quality durable materials

-recommended for polishing sealed floors

-suitable for all types of polished surfaces

-suitable for dry polishing all types of floors


17" Tan Floor Pads - Where to use

17" Tan Floor Pads are polishing pads. Some of the softest floor pads available on the market. The 17" Tan Floor Pads are even a bit softer than the red polishing floor pads. Those high quality floor pads were designed forn use with very high speed floor polishers. Some other colour of floor pads can get pretty hot at over 1500 RPMs so the tan floor pad was created to do all those very high speed polishing jobs. Thje 17" Tan Floor Pads cannot be used for scrubbing or deep cleaning floors. Those pads atr polishing pads only. It will restore the shine on marmoleum floors, vinyl floors, lino floors, marvle floors, travertine floors, wood floors, etc. The 17" Tan Floor Pads will only work on sealed floors.


17" Tan Floor Pads - How to use

Those sofr floor pads cannot be used with low speed floor buffers. To achieve the best results, it has to be used with a very high speed floor polishers. Higher the speed better the results. Wash or clean the floor, remove all the dust and any type of rubbish, allow the floor to dry and then start polishing your floors. Stay about 5 cm away from the skirting and make sure that you cover the whole floor area uniform.


17" Tan Floor Pad is the best polishing pad in the world. It will restore the shine of most polished floors. Suitable to use on most types of sealed floors. The floor needs to be dry buffed. If you require more information about our 17" Tan Polishig Floor Pads, please call us before you start the job. We are here to help you out.


17" Tan Floor Pads - faster results for much less!

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