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45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom

  • Product Code: RS206
  • Availability: 100

 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom

-professional quality 45 cm quality broom

-suitable for domestic and commercial jobs

-suitable for heavy duty cleaning services

-made from very strong plastic components

-affordable, durable & very cost effective

-compatible with all interchange handles



 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom Review

A lot has been said about brooms. The Russians coined the phrase "A new broom sweeps in a new way." For the Japanese, it's "Wine is the best broom for troubles." The Americans know that "A bad broom leaves a dirty room." And according to the Germans, your broom should know the corners of your house. It’s all about pushing out the unwanted elements to retain a clean space. This world renowned tool is synonymous with its work- sweeping off the dirt from the surface of your floor. People from all walks of life and nationalities use it. However, the issue comes in getting a quality product. A defective broom will miss out on piles of soiling, leave behind tracks of grime, and some cause you to make numerous repetitive sweeps before the area even becomes remotely presentable. You want a product that can assure you of quality results, which will make your home comfortable, impressing your guests who drop by for a visit, and your customers and employees at your workplace. Turn to the 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom for your cleaning job.


Brooms are a staple product in residential and commercial establishments alike. They are all prone to the same kind of dirt problems- crumbs from people snacking, dust piles building up from the soiling that is tracked into the building, mound of skin flakes constantly coming off people's bodies, fibres from clothes, all through to those pieces of dirt blown into the building from the outside. Then there's that occasional soiling brought in from the yard under the paws of your furry friend. They make the cleaning process simpler, and less taxing. There's a reason folklore witches use them to glide across the sky- it's about power, efficiency, and speed. You'll need that to survive in the magical realms. In the real world, it also comes into play, but limited to getting rid of the dirt and grime. You want a product that you can use to sweep away the debris that's constantly building up in the premises. One that doesn’t have complicated chemical preparations needed, and doesn’t require much skill to master. That’s the 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom for you.


Benefits Of The 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom

1. Built for tough

The structure of the 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom is designed to handle tough sweeping conditions. From the hard broom to withstand impacts and heavy use, to the hard PVC bristles that will sweep away the dirt from different kinds of surfaces. The hard wearing polypropylene body ensures that you get to use it for longer, and the wear-resistant bristles allow you to get the most out of your purchase. The 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom will work on anything from the wood flooring in the house to the hard concrete outdoors.


2. Wide coverage

The 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom enables you to cover a vast area with each swipe. This reduces the amount of time spent working on your floor. This makes it a popular choice for home and business owners, from office buildings, gymnasiums, hotels, to government and educational institutions.


3. Ergonomic

The 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom is designed to make your cleaning tasks easier. From the broad size to the ease of set up and use, it ensures that you get cleaning without breaking your back. Simply fit it into the interchange handle and carry on with the task at hand. The lightweight nature of the 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom additionally means that you won't struggle pushing it across the floor surface.


4. Colour coded

The 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom will blend in well with the colour coded scheme of your establishment. This will enable you to prevent cross contamination. Restricting cleaning equipment of one colour to a specific area prevents the transfer of pathogens from high-risk to low risk areas. The green colour is usually used in food preparation zones like kitchens, cafeterias, and catering areas. In fact, the 18" Broom Hard Green is food safe. The colour coding will also enable you to manage your inventory of cleaning equipment, and your employees won’t keep searching for misplaced tools. As a welcome bonus, the 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom colour provides a quick visual indication to the supervisors, to prevent it from being misused. 


5. Budget friendly

The 45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom is affordable, which enables you to save more from the purchase itself. In addition, the hardwearing structure and tough build reduce costs of repair and maintenance. Since each purchase will last for long, it enables you to cut down on the costs of cleaning equipment.

45 Cm Hygiene Plastic Broom

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