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18" Broom Soft Blue

  • Product Code: 2023
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-professional quality 18" broom soft blue 

-suitable for domestic and commercial jobs

-compatible with all interchange handles

-made from high quality plastic components

-very light, very durable and very cost effective


 18" Broom Soft Blue Review

You clean your floor for different reasons. Aesthetics is usually at the top of the list. You want your floor to look as best as it can, for as long as it can. Maintaining a clean floor is telling people that you care about your image- whether it’s guests at your home, or the clients and employees at your workplace. The length of life of your floor also depends on how well you take care of it. The dirt is gritty, and people walking around grind it into the flooring. This causes it to lose its beauty and lustre. Areas that handle high levels of human traffic, from commercial establishments to the kitchen in your home, need thorough regular cleaning to prevent the floor surface from being worn down and getting damaged. As integral part of the cleaning process is the sweeping. It’s the very first step that ensures you get the bulk of the dirt and debris out, making latter stages of mopping easier. It doesn’t even have to wait for the deep cleaning days. You can simply sweep your floor as routine care to prevent soiling from piling up in the interior space. To get the job done right, you want a product that you can trust. Turn to the 18" Broom Soft Blue.


Efficiency is critical in today’s world. We all have a busy schedule. Since living and working in a clean environment remains critical, you want a product that can reduce the workload and deliver results fast, without compromising on their quality. People want to do less and get more. You can achieve this in going for a quality product. Several factors come into play, such as the strength of the bristles of the broom and the size, which determines how much dirt you can sweep off at a go. You want high strength products that have wide coverage for high efficacy. You can get that from the 18" Broom Soft Blue.


Benefits Of The 18" Broom Soft Blue

1. Durable

The 18" Broom Soft Blue is built for tough. Coming with a polypropylene body that is hard wearing, it will be able to withstand the rigors of daily use. The hard PVC bristles of the 18" Broom Soft Blue enable it to be used on different kinds of floor paces, from wood, parquet, tile, all through to concrete floors. It’s suitable for weeping off dirt and debris in indoor spaces and at the outdoors. As a welcome plus, the enhanced durability of the 18" Broom Soft Blue means that it will last for longer, giving you a high value return for your purchase.


2. Broad

The 18" Broom Soft Blue coverage ensures that you spend minimal time working on your flooring. This makes it a popular option for big places such as malls, restaurants and lobbies. You can bring this efficiency into your home.


3. Easy to use

The 18" Broom Soft Blue makes sweeping a breeze. Setting it up is easy, and it fits perfectly into the socket of the interchange handles. This has the extra benefit of reducing storage space, since you won’t need to get different handles for every broom head. The 18" Broom Soft Blue is also light, meaning that you won't expend much energy pushing the dirt and grime off your property. This, coupled with the fast set up, also reduces the amount of time needed to work on the floor space, meaning you get to get through more of your premises without breaking your back.


4. Works with colour coding schemes

The 18" Broom Soft Blue colour allows it to fit into the colour coding program set up for your establishment. These programs have several benefits, ranging from preventing cross contamination, making it easy to differentiate tools for different tasks, simplify employee training, distinguish one department from another, all through to enabling you to easily manage inventory. Simply use it in the sections that the blue cleaning equipment have been designated for. In such schemes, blue is commonly used for general areas such as wards, offices, departments, and reception areas. The program you use is however based on your preference. 


5. Cost effective

The affordable 18" Broom Soft Blue enables you to make savings with your purchase. Its durability also reduces the cost of repair and maintenance, further slashing down your expenditure.

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