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180 mm Velcro Discs - 120 Grit - Sanding Discs

  • Brand: Hermes
  • Product Code: 2421
  • Availability: In Stock


-180 mm sanding discs suitable for fine sanding

-all our sanding disc are made in Germany (hermes)

-the 180 mm sanding discs fits more edger sanders

-very tough, very durable and also very affordable

-suitable for sanding wood, ceramic, cork, walls, etc 


5 Major Applications For The 180 mm Velcro Discs - 120 Grit - Sanding Discs


180 mm Velcro Discs - 120 Grit - Sanding Discs is as fine as it gets with most abrasive surface materials mounted on Velcro discs. As with most other grit sizes, this particular option has a lot to offer in terms of applicability and benefits to look forward to. The most important thing to do is to ensure that you use it on the right materials in order to get the best results. In this case, softer and more delicate materials are your best option. This includes clay surfaces, ceramic, wood, plastic and even fiber. When used on tougher surfaces like concrete or metal, it takes a lot more effort and time to get the desired results. It also significantly reduces the longevity of the Velcro sanding discs.


Having established the fact that 180 mm Velcro Discs - 120 Grit - Sanding Discs are best applied on more delicate surface, below is information to help you get the most out of their service. This information is in the form of tips on how and where to use the 180 mm Velcro Discs - 120 Grit - Sanding Discs in order to enjoy the many benefits. 


Key Application Areas


1. Removing surface imperfections


This is without a doubt one of the best ways to fully appreciate the effectiveness of 180 mm Velcro Discs - 120 Grit - Sanding Discs. As with most other fine grit sanding tools, they are best applied in the final stages of sanding to remove surface imperfections. This may be in the form of bumps in which case the grains strip it down to size for seamless blending with the rest of the surface. The 180 mm Velcro Discs - 120 Grit - Sanding Discs are also very useful when dealing with imperfections in the form of depressions, swirls or scratch marks from precious sanding with coarser grains. In this case, the circular motion from the Velcro sanding discs complements the fine nature of the particles for efficient correction. 

2. Preparation for wood dying


Another common application of 180 mm Velcro Discs - 120 Grit - Sanding Discs is in wood prepping for dying processes. In this case, the discs’ abilities to create very fine and undetectable pores comes in handy ensuring even and perfect soaking of the dye. 


3. Wood finishing


This is basically ensuring that the surfaces are smooth at the end of the sanding process. It applies to both general carpentry and wood sculpting. In this case, high precision sanding ensures that the surface is perfect and ready for whatever other steps are to be taken to embellish the item.


4. Preparation for polish applications

180 mm Velcro Discs - 120 Grit - Sanding Discs are also very useful when it comes to preparing wood surfaces for polishing. In this case, the fine pores created ensure proper bonding of the polish to the wood surface for results that are nothing short of perfect. 

5. Ceramic tile shaping and finishing


Finally, 180 mm Velcro Discs - 120 Grit - Sanding Discs can and will also come in handy when you are dealing with ceramic tiles. In this case, their soft nature ensures that you shape and prepare your tiles for application without having to worry about damaging their delicate surfaces



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