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180 mm Velcro Discs - 24 Grit - Sanding Discs

  • Brand: Hermes
  • Product Code: 2416
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-the 24 grit sanding discs is suitable for rough sanding

-it will even up wood surfaces & it will remove adhesives

-suitable to use with most professional floor sanding edgers

-all our sanding discs have velcro attachments for easy fit

-made from top of the range aluminium oxide components



Why The 24 Grit Velcro Sanding Discs Are Great For Your Sanding Needs


One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for Velcro sanding discs is the grit size. More often than not, it is the abrasive material that determines what range you have to work with. However, most offer between 24 grit and 120 grit which is a pretty decent range for most sanding needs. The 24 grit variety is the coarsest you 
can get and has its fair share of perks that you as the user have to look forward to. With options such as the 180 mm Velcro Discs - 24 Grit - Sanding Discs, you get to enjoy the best of these benefits. Below are a few of them. 


5 Benefits You Have To Look Forward To With The 180 mm Velcro Discs - 24 Grit - Sanding Discs


1. They are strong 


With sanding material, coarser particles are generally the best option if strength is your number one priority. The 180 mm Velcro Discs - 24 Grit - Sanding Discs in particular allow you to enjoy this benefit with the large size of abrasive particles translating into super strong sanding. One of the best things about working with such strong Velcro 
sanding discs is the fact that you can work on pretty much any surface type for as long as you want without having to worry about ruining your disc. 

2. They can be used on a variety of surfaces


As with any other coarse grit sanding paper, 180 mm Velcro Discs - 24 Grit - Sanding Discs allow use on a wide variety of surfaces. As a result of the large particle size, it goes without saying that people working on very hard surfaces have the most to gain. This includes those working on metallic surfaces whether it is iron, steel or even high density titanium. In addition to metal, the 180 mm Velcro Discs - 24 Grit - Sanding Discs can be used on concrete, cement, granite and had wood surfaces. 


3. They are easy to use requiring little pressure


Another major advantage of working with 180 mm Velcro Discs - 24 Grit - Sanding Discs is the fact that you do not have to exert a lot of pressure in order to achieve the results you want. In addition to being large, the 24 grit particles are also usually sharp. The sharpness of course depends on the abrasive material used but the overall 
effectiveness across the board is undeniable. 

4. 24 grit Velcro sanding discs very versatile in terms of applicability


As a result of the wide variety of surfaces over which 180 mm Velcro Discs - 24 Grit - Sanding Discs can be used, you as the carpenter, mason or even engineer also get to enjoy variety as far as applicability is concerned. More often than not, particles this coarse are used for initial layer shaving whether it is on a piece of furniture or on 
a machine surface. They are also very useful when it comes to stripping of paint as well as wood polish from surfaces.

5. They are also the most durable of this kind of sanding disc


Finally, with 180 mm Velcro Discs - 24 Grit - Sanding Discs you get to enjoy durability unlike any other Velcro disc particle size. Their size and strength are mainly to thank for this perk ensuring that you get to use yours for several sanding sessions before you have to replace it. 

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