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180 mm Velcro Discs - 40 Grit - Sanding Discs

  • Brand: Hermes
  • Product Code: 2417
  • Availability: In Stock


-the 40 grit sanding disc is suitable for heavy duty sanding

-it will remove most types of floor finishes, paint, glue, etc

-the 180 mm sanding disc will fit most types of sanding edgers

-much more durable than other similar discs available in Ireland

-availbe in boxes of 25 or packs of 100 discs for bulk sales


Value Of The 180 mm Velcro Discs - 40 Grit - Sanding Discs


By simple definition, a Velcro sanding disc is basically an abrasive paper mounted on a soft or fluffy surface. The idea is to make it easy to fasten them onto Velcro surfaces on automated sanding machines. More often than not, some of these like the 180 mm Velcro Discs - 40 Grit - Sanding Discs feature little holes that are meant to allow easy suctioning of dirt and other fine particles away from the work surface. This makes it very easy to not only use them but also to take care of them. Below are a few advantages of these sanding solutions with the 180 mm Velcro Discs - 40 Grit - Sanding Discs being one of 
the best options out there. 


Benefits of Velcro sanding discs

1. They are safer than other sanding paper designs


One of the main benefits you have to look forward to with sanding discs such as the 180 mm Velcro Discs - 40 Grit - Sanding Discs is the safety feature. The Velcro fastening mechanism ensures that the disc remains firmly on the surface of the sanding tool the entire time. Unlike sanding belts, this unique design eliminates the risk of injury as a result of the material cracking or snapping mid-session. 


2. They are easy to use 

This is more of an advantage you have to look forward to working with 180 mm Velcro Discs - 40 Grit - Sanding Discs in particular as opposed to Velcro discs in general. The 40 grit particle size these discs some of the coarsest on the market. This allows you to enjoy the many benefits of course grit sanding discs with ease of use being one of the most important.


3. They are easy to set up and remove from sanders


With the 180 mm Velcro Discs - 40 Grit - Sanding Discs and others like them, application is very easy. As earlier stated, they are designed to feature a soft backing that binds to the Velcro surface. Therefore, all that you have to do when setting up is to ensure that the fluffy surface is in full contact with the Velcro surface. This is a lot easier than most other designs on the market that involve painstaking procedures for setting up before you get to work. With options like the 180 mm Velcro Discs - 40 Grit - Sanding Discs, all you have to do is pop it on, do your sanding and rip it off easily for storage in preparation for the next session. 

4. They are durable


Velcro sanding discs also happen to be very durable. This is mainly because of the fact that the easy applicability and removal allows you to remove and safely store the discs for future use. This might seem simple but the benefits are immense allowing you to enjoy service from your 180 mm Velcro Discs - 40 Grit - Sanding Discs for a very long time. 

5. They 
are versatile

Finally, Velcro sanding discs are very versatile. Their shape and 
general design makes them perfect for everything including stripping, polishing 
and curving. The circular design and subsequent circular motion on the sander 
also offers the advantage of clean and neat work whatever the application.

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