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20” Floor Polishing Pads

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: TF20
  • Availability: 4

20” Floor Polishing Pads

  • Heavy duty commercial floor polishing pads for all floors

  • Available in red and white, compatible with all 20” buffers

  • Suitable for polishing and enhancing gloss on polished floors

  • To be used dry with high speed floor buffers / burnishers

  • The red pad - lino, marmoleum, vinyl, laminate, cork floors

  • The white pad - marble, ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, concrete

  • Outstanding quality floor pads manufactured 100% in EU

20” Floor Polishing Pads - Where to use

20” floor polishing pads are usually used for polishing and maintaining a number of sealed floors. The red floor pad can be used for maintaining gloss and polishing marmoleum floors, lino floors, vinyl floors, wood floors, cork floors & other types of plastic floors. The white floor pad is usually used to maintain and restore gloss on natural stone surfaces, porcelain & ceramic tiles, concrete, etc. Both types of floor pads can be used with high to very high speed floor burnishers. Regular buffing with a high speed floor buffer will increase the durability of the finish and will reduce dirt absorption on all polished floors.

20” Floor Polishing Pads - How to use

It is essential that you clean the floor area before polishing. Use a floor maintainer to repair and restore dull patches, allow to dry and then start polishing the floor while dry. Do not use the high speed floor buffer on wet floors to avoid splashing chemicals all over the walls and to prevent back injuries. Start from one corner and make sure to go over all areas at least once. The polished areas will look a bit glossier than the areas that were missed. 

Our floor pads are manufactured in the EU and are known to outlast similar products from other brands. All our floor pads are suitable for heavy duty commercial floor cleaning and floor polishing projects. 

20” Floor Polishing Pads

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