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20 L Double Bucket With Wringer

  • Brand: TTS
  • Product Code: 2273
  • Availability: In Stock



-commercial high quality mop bucket with wringer from TTS

-suitable for medium to large commercial floor cleaning jobs

-built from high quality light polypropylene components

-its 20 L capacity makes it the ideal bucket for commercial use

-its handy wringer is made from very durable components

-smart handle that can be fully used even with the wringer on

-it is one of the most popular buckets with wringer in Ireland


TTS 20 L Bucket With Wringer – Where to use

Washing big floor surfaces cannot be done without a professional bucket and wringer. The big solution tank in this quality bucket will allow you to deposit 20 litres of cleaning agent while the waste tank will allow you to store away all the waste. The powerful wringer will squeeze all the excess moisture without a lot of effort. All you need from a professional bucket with wringer. This bucket can be used for medium to big commercial floors like pubs, restaurants, gyms, schools, offices, etc. One fill should be enough to allow you to wash over 500 square meters of floors. You can use it to wash any type of floor and you can use Kentucky mops (all sizes) or interchange mops (all sizes).


TTS 20 L Bucket With Wringer – How to use

Mix up your solution job according to the job. You can use any type of floor cleaning agent regardless of acidity. You can use a big commercial mop head for faster results. Soak the mop in the solution tank and then put it in the wringer. If you need the mop head to be wet, don`t press the wringer handle to hard, if you need it very dry, apply a lot of pressure on the wringer. Nothing complicated. Do not create a cocktail of chemicals to avoid creating fumes. The polypropylene materials are rust proof, shock proof and will not change its colour. TTS 20 L Mop Bucket & Wringer is one of the most heavy duty commercial bucket and wringer that money can buy. The wringer can be purchased separately but it is known to last for years under constant use.


TTS 20 L Bucket With Wringer – Recommendation

As a school principal or a business owner, you know that you need to buy products that are long lasting and efficient. Our TTS 20 L Bucket & Wringer is designed to outlast any other similar bucket. Its quality has been proven for years and TTS has become one of the most popular brands of commercial buckets & wringer in Ireland. We are happy to show you how it works and to supply you with any additional information.


TTS 20 L Bucket & Wringer – Outstanding quality for fair prices!

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