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20" Melamine Pad

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-heavy duty 20” melamine polishing pads

-suitable for cleaning all types of floors

-no chemicals needed floor cleaning system

-amazing results guaranteed on all floors

-suitable to use with high & low speed buffers

20" Melamine Pad Review

Are you looking to give your floor a thorough scrub? Conventional means- like using brushes, can take ages. In fact, with brushes, it's more labour intensive, and your costs get racked up due to the wearing down of the bristles. More time is also consumed as more passes are required for each spot being worked on. When getting rid of the dirt and grime on your flooring, the safety of the structure also comes into play. You don’t want to corrode the marble, concrete, or other material that it is composed of. Harsh chemicals, the agents that are used on other sections around the household, can wreak havoc on your floor. Just because acidic solutions work when descaling bathroom surfaces, and vinegar based solutions are effective in removing the stubborn grime on stainless steel items and cutting boards in the kitchen, doesn't mean that you go sloshing them onto your floor. You want safe processes that will remove the soiling without posing a threat to your installation- after all, making repairs and replacements can get quite pricy. When it comes to cleaning your porous flooring, turn to the 20" Melamine Pad.

Benefits Of Using The 20" Melamine Pad

1. Clean deeper and brighter

The ingrained soiling on the floor, those dirt spots that are dotting the surface and ruining the appeal of your residential or commercial establishment- they can be easily scrubbed off with this floor pad. A high-strength melamine foam product, it is used with equipment such as single disc machines and scrubber dryers. The abrasive action that is provided dislodges the grime from the surface, enabling it to be mopped or vacuumed off with ease. With units like scrubber dryer, you get to accomplish both actions in a single pass.

It’s a residue-free process, meaning that your floor gets to remain cleaner for longer. When cleaning with the 20" Melamine Pad, you can rely on just water. The scrubbing action with the pads is enough to accomplish the cleaning needs. In this case, water is used as a lubricant. However, the 20" Melamine Pad has also been designed to deliver in dry conditions. You can also incorporate cleaning agents into the process. All that is needed is to ensure that the product that is used is compatible with the floor structure being worked on.

2. Fast action

For starters, using the combination of floor pads and scrubbing machines reduces your workload, and you get more done within a shorter time. Secondly, the 20" Melamine Pad particularly has a wide surface area, meaning that each pass gets to cover more ground. This is particularly beneficial if you’re a cleaning contractor who is handling multiple jobs, and you want to accomplish more work faster without compromising on the quality of the results you deliver. Incorporating the 20" Melamine Pad into your cleaning arsenal will ensure that you provide a superior clean and leave your clients satisfied, while cutting down on your labour costs and amount of time spent on the task. Simply using water also cuts down on the time taken.

3. Enhanced durability

The 20" Melamine Pad is designed to last. The high-strength melamine foam, that has also been bound with adhesive, allows the floor pad to be used for multiple cleaning sessions. In fact, when used with single disc machines, it can clean up to 1000m², while with scrubber dryers it can work on 10000m² of surface, delivering consistent results all through.

4. Bring back the shine to your flooring

Those scuff marks, dull surfaces, and even black heel marks on your flooring are done away with, and you get to enhance the gloss of your floor with the 20" Melamine Pad. It can be used on multiple surfaces, ranging from marble, stone and concrete, to VCT, ceramic and other porous flooring. That way, you get to spruce up the ambience in your home or workplace. For cleaning contractors, your clients will appreciate the glamorous flooring that will be the result of your operations, scoring you repeat business and racking in more profit from your venture.

You get all this without straining your wallet. The 20" Melamine Pad has been affordably priced. What's more, its superior durability means each unit product takes you for the long haul. This cuts down on your operation costs, and overall cleaning and maintenance budget.

20” Melamine Pads

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