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24" Dust Control Cover

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24" Dust Control Cover

-professional microfiber dust control cover

-can collect very small particles of dust

-made from high quality microfiber material

-suitable for commercial & domestic use

-professional 24 inch dust control cover

-highly recommended for schools, gyms


24" Dust Control Cover Review

Dust is part of our lives. From soiling being tracked into your home or office space from the outside, people coming into the premises from a walk in the park, to your pet bringing in mud from the yard- dust gradually builds up. There are even minute particles floating around in the air space, settling onto the surface of the floor thanks to gravity. Some are even blown into the indoors by gusts of wind. Then there's the organic material gathering from the residents of the establishment- from the humans, to pests like cockroaches, and tiny organisms like dust mites. Their faecal residue, and cast skin adds to the pile. People are constantly shedding skin. Have you ever looked at a ray of light streaking through the window and saw particles floating in it? Over 80% are skin flakes. In fact, the average home in the UK collects 40 pounds (around 18kg) of skin flakes each year. In commercial establishments there are additional elements such as textile and paper fibers, and even cosmic dust particles. With time, all this matter ends up on the floor, and has to be removed. You don’t want to be forced to keep preparing cleaning solutions and scrubbing the floor. You want a quick fix that will eliminate the dirt so that the place can stop appearing dingy and people can stop sneezing. A solution that can take care of the problem in a jiffy without requiring much preparation, or time to be spent on the floor. That's what the 24" Dust Control Cover is there for.


Dust mopping is a vital step in the floor care program. Just like any other form of cleaning, getting rid of the dry soiling before adding water and cleaning solutions makes the process much easier. You get to remove the soiling before it gets embedded to the surface and require a deeper clean. The process also prevents dirt from being spread to other sections of the establishment. Convenience goes hand in hand with the health of the premises. Dust getting inhaled can cause irritation of the air ways, and trigger allergic reactions. And since you spend most of your time indoors- relaxing, eating, sleeping, hanging out with you family, etc., the chances of being affected increase rapidly. You don’t want your family members at home, or the staff and customers in your business premises, to suddenly develop bouts of coughs and sneezes, or walk around with reddened eyes. Children are more particularly vulnerable to the health effects caused by dust as they often play or crawl around on the floor, and frequently touch their mouths. Clearing the dust from the floor will enable you to enhance the sanitation levels of your premises. It’s not just for floors. The 24" Dust Control Cover also works on walls and the ceiling. Here’s more that you can expect from it:


Benefits Of The 24" Dust Control Cover

1. High efficacy

As the 24" Dust Control Cover is passed over the floor, the dust particles are picked up and held in place by static electricity. You get to remove the dirt from your flooring with streak free results. The hygienic dry sweeping system can be employed all-year round. You can use the 24" Dust Control Cover on a wide range of floors, from wood and marble, to stone and tile. 


2. Acrylic sweeper head

It's built to last. Its durable structure enables it to stand up to the rigors of daily use. The stitching of the 24" Dust Control Cover prevents fraying, and further enhances the pickup of soiling from the surface of the floor. Cleaning it is also simple. Just shake it out, or use a brush. The static electricity that held the dust as you were passing it over the floor will be broken, leaving it clean and ready to use again. Since it attracts dust and dirt electrostatically, it doesn’t need to be pre-treated. The lack of oil treatments means that the 24" Dust Control Cover can also be laundered repeatedly. 


3. Wide coverage 

You don’t want to hoover over one room for too long. At 60cm (24"), the Dust Control Mop Sweeper ensures that you won't have to. Each stroke covers a wide area, reducing the amount of time taken during the cleaning. 


4. Ergonomic

The 24" Dust Control Cover is designed to be easy to use, and reduce the amount of energy you spend in the cleaning process. It responds to the quick turns you make with the handle, giving you enhanced manoeuvrability, allowing you to work around objects and remove dust from those corners and other tough spots in the room. The 24" Dust Control Cover glides of the floor smoothly, picking up the dirt with minimal effort from your part. 


5. Versatile

The 24" Dust Control Cover can be used for both dry mopping and the occasional dusting. Since the process doesn't involve liquids, it allows the floor to be cleaned as the area continues being used. You won't have to worry about people slipping and falling. The 24" Dust Control Cover also enables you to remove the surface soiling before people grind it into the floor with their feet. This wards off damage to the surface finish, and prolongs the life of the floor itself 


6. Works with a colour coded scheme

The blue colour of 24" Dust Control Cover means it will blend in perfectly with the colour coded program in your establishment. Simply use it in the areas that you have designated for the rest of the blue equipment. This enable you to prevent cross contamination in your building.


Tips For Using The 24" Dust Control Cover

· How you use the 24" Dust Control Cover depends on the area you're working on. If it’s a large, clear area, you can walk forward, moving it from left to right. Use an angled approach. In areas like corridors, you can push the 24" Dust Control Cover straight ahead of you, then turn around overlapping your path with about 3 inches.

· When using the 24" Dust Control Cover to work on large floor areas, push the soiling towards the aisle to make the pickup easier. Note that you should not leave piles standing for too long, to prevent them from being scattered by people walking through.

· Avoid lifting the 24" Dust Control Cover off the floor as you push it over the surface. Also, don’t shake it in the middle of the cleaning process. You don’t want the dust to go airborne. Pick up the piles of soiling using a dust pan and place it into the janitor cart. You can shake the 24" Dust Control Cover outside the premises, after you’re done, over piles of soil.

24" Dust Control Cove


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