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17" Floor Squeegee

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 -one of the most durable and well build floor squeegee

-suitable for use on all types of flat surface floors & walls

-it works with a standard interchange aluminium handle

-suitable for domestic or heavy duty commercial usage

-collects the moist with ease and leaves floors nearly dry

-this squeegee size : 450 mm (17.5") 


17.5" Floor Squeegee Review

You want to keep your floors clean and dry for plenty of reasons. First, wet floors are a magnet for dirt. They easily trap dust and other particles in the atmosphere. This just messes things up, making a mockery of your cleaning efforts. Then there’s the sanitation issue. As your kids play around the floor, they can end up picking pathogens and pests. For instance, children under the age of 2 are at the higher risk, as they play on it and put their hands into their mouths over 70 times an hour. You don't want your little one gobbling up the dirt that's tracked into your home. Commercial establishments handle higher human traffic, hence the floor will need to be cleaned more often. People coming from a jog in the park into the gym, walking from bus or train stations then on sidewalks into your office building, all through to the high numbers in malls and retail stores, there will be all sorts of substances under their shoes. You don't want to inconvenience your employees and customers by sealing off passageways and offices for too long, hampering the numerous operations of your business. Getting the floor all cleaned up and dry fast requires you to have tools that have been specially designed for the task. Turn to the 17.5" Floor Squeegee.


No one likes water stains on their floors. They are a constant eyesore, and they ruin the elegance of the premises. The water stains are most commonly caused by allowing paddles to stand on the floor for too long. Sometimes it’s after a spill, and other times there was simply too much water used during the cleaning. Water affects the flooring differently. Some surfaces will lose their colour, others like wood can end up cupping. This puts the structural integrity of the flooring at risk. However, since the floor needs to be cleaned, you can't circumvent using the water and solutions. However, removing as much water as possible after you're done will enable you to avoid the problems that would have been caused. The 17.5" Floor Squeegee enables you to do this, since pushing off the water to the drain enables the floor surface to dry faster. This also makes it handy tool during situations like when rain gets into the house, or after a pipe leaks causing a flood. By preventing water damage, you get to protect your investment and lengthen its life. 


Benefits Of The 17.5" Floor Squeegee

1. Quickly cleans

You get to shift fluids quickly with the 17.5" Floor Squeegee, and get that floor drying in moments. Whether you want to remove water from an area that you were cleaning, or one that has a plumbing accident, and direct it towards the drain, the 17.5" Floor Squeegee will deliver superb results. From homes, office suites, retail stores, gymnasiums, in hospitals to clean up any spills that occur in the operating rooms, wards or regular patient rooms, nursing homes, food service joints and even government institutions, its efficacy has made it a popular product. The 17.5" Floor Squeegee works across the scope- from the strong vinyl floors to their tiled counterparts, linoleum, laminate and even natural stone floors. You can also use the 17.5" Floor Squeegee for your shower walls and doors, as long as you get a shorter handle to go with it.


2. High grade rubber

The quality soft foam rubber of the 17.5" Floor Squeegee enables it to follow the profile of your surface. This makes it an ideal option for hard floors and surfaces that are uneven. It can even be used on unusual surfaces such as controlling flow of water in tennis courts and keeping them dry, or even driving away the standing water on the greens and tees of a golf course after rains. The rubber nature of the 17.5" Floor Squeegee enables it to be sturdy, and withstand the rigors of daily use. 


3. Dual blade

The 17.5" Floor Squeegee’s dual blade creates a vacuum, which increases the efficacy of the process and enables you to get rid of even more residue. This means you can use it on smooth and porous surfaces such as those on sidewalks and patios. You can even use the 17.5" Floor Squeegee to dry floors around swimming pools.


4. Compatible with interchange handles

The socket of the 17.5" Floor Squeegee fits perfectly into the interchange handles, meaning getting a handle will be easy, and you’ll also need less storage space.


5. Colour coded

The 17.5" Floor Squeegee comes in blue, green, red and yellow variants. Different colours go to different areas, like red for washroom cleaning, and blue for general areas like hospital wards, departments, offices, yellow for the isolation areas, and green for food preparation zones like kitchen areas and catering departments. The colour coding scheme you implement depends on your preferences. The goal is to prevent cross contamination, limiting tools to specific areas of use. These schemes are employed in areas like restaurants, schools and hospitals, and you can use the different colours of the 17.5" Floor Squeegee to bring the sanitation standards to your establishment. The colour variations also enable you to easily manage your cleaning program, and keep track of the equipment inventory.


How To Use The 17.5" Floor Squeegee

Follow these steps:

1. Clean the floor. Use the cleaning solution that's require for your particular situation- this depends on the type of floor, plus the dirt and stains you want to get rid of. You can apply the solution using a wash cloth, sponge, or mop. 

2. Rinse the floor using clean water.

3. Run the 17.5" Floor Squeegee across the floor. It’s recommended that you use broad strokes applied evenly on the wet surface. This will remove the water plus the remaining pieces of dirt, leaving your floor with a streak-free shine.

4. Allow to dry. 

Tips For Using The 17.5" Floor Squeegee

· Institute a regular floor cleaning program for your establishment. This is to protect it, and ensure high sanitation standards in your environment. The frequency of cleaning depends on the level of activity in the residential or commercial establishment, and the efficiency of 17.5" Floor Squeegee will enable you to save on time.

· Ensure that the 17.5" Floor Squeegee is cleaned and rinsed after use. This will prepare it for the next round of cleaning, and also prolong its life.

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