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Earth2earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners - Retail Wheelie Bin Liners Earth2Earth - 6 Bags Per Roll

  • Brand: Earth2Earth
  • Product Code: E2EWBLR
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

240 L Wheelie Bin Liners - Retail Wheelie Bin Liners Earth2Earth

-large degradable wheelie bin liners manufactured from recycled plastic

-manufactured in Ireland with 100% degradable plastic components

-suitable for heavy duty commercial use and domestic waste collection

-available in rolls of 6 bags or boxes of 100 bags (call for bulk buy costs)

-575 mm x 1150 mm x 1420 mm - it will fit all wheelie bins in Ireland

Getting Rid Of Retail Waste With The Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners

Retail stores generate a lot of waste. From excessive packaging, to the corrugated cardboard, the waste disposed of by customers who have come to the premises to carry out their shopping, to shrink-wrap- the waste piles up fast on a daily basis. Consequently, you want to have an efficient garbage disposal system in place. This includes trash bags that have the capacity to handle the waste that is tossed into them. That’s where the Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners come in. 

Handling loads of waste

These are high-capacity bin liners. They have been developed for use in commercial establishments such as retail stores where there amount of trash being generated necessitates products that can hold large volumes, in order to enhance the efficiency of the waste management. That way the burden on the staff of the establishment, where they would have otherwise been forced to keep changing the bin bag, is reduced. This also goes a long way in giving you savings, as each of the Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners gets to take on lots of trash before it gets full. 

Speaking of costs, they are a key part of the building’s cleaning and maintenance program. You don’t want them running amok, and taking huge chunks out of your budget. The Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners   have been affordably priced, and come in 6 bags per roll. 

High-strength material

Functionality is key in waste management. No one wants a situation where, in the process of picking up the trash bag, it tears, spilling the trash all over the property. The Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners are strong, holding in the large volumes of waste generated from the retail stores without tearing. This also makes it easier for the garbage collection crew to haul off the waste during garbage collection days.

In order to improve bin hygiene, remember to securely bag waste material like meat products, pet faeces and fish before putting them in the bin. Squeeze out as much air from the bags as you can before you put them in the wheelie bin, in order to slow down the rate of decomposition, and reduce the smells that would develop. In addition, remember to keep the lid of the bin closed. You don’t want a situation where flies, pests and vermin are being attracted to it, making it a health hazard. Some like the scavenging raccoons and rodents can make a mess as they scrounge around the insides of the bin looking for food. If possible, position the bin away from direct sunlight. It should also be regularly cleaned using strong disinfectants, to sanitise it.

How To Improve The Waste Management In Your Retail Store

You also want to cut back on the expenses that are incurred during the overall waste management, increase customer awareness and make the disposal more efficient. Here are different ways in which this can be carried out:

  • Use bin liners

A bin liner is not just about holding the waste. It also drastically reduces the mess that would have resulted when the trash is tossed directly into the wheelie bin. Cases of grime sticking to the walls, the intensive cleaning that will be required whenever the bin is emptied- the Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners come in handy to lighten the load, enabling the waste disposal to be a tidy process. 

  • Regularly clean the bin. 

Trash is messy. If not controlled, it can result in a health hazard on your business premises, which is certainly not how you want things playing out. Ensuring that the bin itself has been cleaned regularly will keep it sanitised. When carrying this out, pay particular attention to sections such as the lid and handle, which are touched frequently. A solution of hot water and detergent is usually sufficient for the routine cleaning tasks.  

  • Avoid overloading the bin

When each of the Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners gets full, avoiding the temptation of forcing more trash into it, pressing it down to create more space. Take out the full bin liner and replace it with a new one. To save space, simple aspects such as cutting up the cartons and folding the packing material before tossing them into the bin will come in handy. That way you will reduce the speed of the bin getting filled up.

  • Get the right bin liner

This particularly looks at the size that is suitable for your specific waste management needs. You want a product that will meet the demands of your establishment. Bin liners come with 3 measurements. For instance, the 575mm x 1150mm x 1420mm Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners, where the 575mm indicates the bottom length of the closed bin liner, the 1150mm indicates its maximum width when open, and the 1420mm shows how long it is, from top to bottom. The dimensions will also enable you to check its compatibility with your particular wheelie bin.

  • Promoting recycling

By developing programs that enable your customer to recycle products, you can get to further reduce the carbon footprint of your business. This is by coming up with incentives, such as getting them to bring in their clothware and shoes that are at the end of their lifecycle, which can then be shredded up and used as raw material for other items, or even used as fuel. In return the customers get a discount for future products- which even aids in increasing your customer base. There are retail stores that partner up with manufacturers, to use the material that is turned in by the customers to power the manufacturer’s facilities, thus averting the need for relying on more destructive sources of energy. Materials that can be put in the recycling bin include paper and cardboard, glass, polythene and plastic wrappings, textiles, magazines, catalogues and other printed materials. What's more, having such programs in place portrays you as a business that is playing an active role in environmental conservation efforts, which builds the trust that consumers have in your brand.  

Getting Rid Of Retail Waste With The Earth2Earth 240 L Wheelie Bin Liners

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