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25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer

  • Product Code: MC8088R
  • Availability: 5

-heavy duty industrial/commercial mop bucket

-compatible with all Kentucky large mop heads

-manufactured from chemical resistant plastic

-caution “wet” floor is printed on both sides 

-affordable, durable, suitable for professional use

25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer Review

Without the proper tools, mopping can turn out to be a back-breaking chore. Hauling around heavy pails of water and cleaning solution as you move across the different rooms and floors within the building, can be strenuous for your janitorial staff. This also applies to the cleaning contractors, where you’re providing the services on a daily basis. Getting the right gear is key to enhance your operational efficiency. What do you look for in a mop bucket? Let’s break it down into its constituent parts. First, there is the bucket itself. This is the holding unit for the soapy water used during the cleaning. How big is it? The amount of solution that can be held within it will dictate the expanse of floor space that can be covered in each round. With more water, more dirt gets to be diluted before a change is required, meaning that you can get through more rooms within a shorter time. However, it’s not always a case of the bigger the better. Put the actual square footage of the building that you’re working on into focus. For the smaller establishments, having a bucket that is too large will simply be an inconvenience, and also result in wastage of water. 

Next is the transport system. How do you get the bucket from one location to another? Lifting and carrying it adds to the workload. Instead, with a bucket that is wheeled, you simply push it around the premises, greatly reducing the amount of energy required in the process. When it comes to the durability of the bucket, you want a unit that can withstand different chemicals that are usually used for the cleaning process. Can it withstand those powerful agents that tackle the stubborn stains on your floor? You don’t want your unit getting corroded and deteriorating in the process. For high-performance cleaning, turn to the popular 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer. 

What the 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer Brings To The Ground

The mop wringer is directly above the bucket, and you get to wring out the wet mops without having to bend or strain yourself. The gear press takes this up a notch, by giving you more control of how much water gets to be squeezed out of the mop. By removing the excess water, it makes the floor safer for the persons walking about, since the risk of slip and fall accidents is reduced. Speaking of safety, the 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer also comes with "Caution Wet Floor" signage. It is printed on both sides of the bucket. This, coupled with the vibrant colours of the unit, captures the attention of the persons walking up and about on the premises. 

For application areas, the 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer is best suited for the small to medium size floor spaces. It has the capacity needed to provide sufficient cleaning solutions for these areas, and the design to manoeuvre from one location to the next. With its wheels, you won’t have to lift and carry the bucket- thus saving you the loads of energy that you would have otherwise spent on the process. The construction itself is lightweight, further reducing the effort required when pushing it around the premises. When it comes to durability, you won’t have to worry about the bucket corroding on exposure to the powerful chemicals that are occasionally used during the floor mopping, such as when you’re dealing with stubborn stains. 

When it comes to your budget, you also won’t have to over-extend it. The affordable nature of the 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer keeps things within sound limits. In fact, the competitive pricing, where you get a high quality product at friendly rates, is one of the reasons why it is a popular choice for business for their janitorial staff, plus the professional cleaning contractors.  What’s more, the durable construction of the 25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer means you get to obtain extended usage with every unit, as it will withstand the demand for frequent cleaning, plus the various chemical formulations that are involved in the mopping process. Thus, you avoid the costs that are incurred in constantly making replacements, giving you more value for your purchase. 

25L Mopping System With Gear Press Wringer Review

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