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Soft Coco Wooden Sweeping Broom Head

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: COCO18.12
  • Availability: 2

Soft Coco Wooden Sweeping Broom Head

  • Professional sweeping broom head manufactured from natural materials

  • 100% soft coconut bristle with treated wood base, suitable for light cleaning

  • Compatible with most universal fit wooden handles, very well made

  • Suitable for sweeping and dusting small, medium and large floor surfaces

  • Can be used for domestic, industrial and large commercial cleaning jobs

  • Available in 30 cm, 45 cm and 60 cm, suitable for dry sweeping only

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning projects, light and ergonomic


Soft Coco Wooden Sweeping Broom Head - Where to use

A soft bristle coconut brush suitable for domestic and commercial sweeping projects. It can be used for indoor and outdoors cleaning projects. To be used on dry surfaces only. Manufactured from 100% natural components. Available in 3 different sizes to suit all types of cleaning projects. The broom can be used for day to day surface sweeping and maintenance or for heavy duty cleaning projects. Store in a dry place after you are done with it. The broom is sold without a handle but you can order a standard 120 cm wooden handle from Cleanfast as well

Soft Coco Wooden Sweeping Broom Head - How to use

You need to assess your project and select the most appropriate size broom for your particular requirements. For small domestic sweeping jobs you should select the 30 cm broom while for huge commercial cleaning projects you should select the 60 cm broom. You can use the broom for sweeping or pushing waste around. The coconut bristles are designed to last for very long periods of time even under constant use. Do not use on wet surfaces, grease, paint or any other types of liquids. 

Soft Coco Wooden Sweeping Broom Head

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