Earth2earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack Clear (Slim Jim)

Product Description

Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack Clear (Slim Jim)

-standard degradable 100% plastic bags manufactured in Ireland

-Earth2earth bags are manufactured from recycled plastic materials

-sold in rolls of 25 bags, size 30” x 39”, suitable for heavy duty use

-recommended for commercial and commercial (industrial) use

-all Earth2earth plastic bags will fully disintegrate in about 2 years

Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack Clear (Slim Jim) Review

Different factors go into the choice of the bin bag that one settles on for their establishment. First, there is the type of bag, which looks at aspects like the colour, for situations where the waste is segregated- which determines the kind of waste that will be put in the bag; to the disposal process- which looks at the destination of the bag and its contents- from organic waste that is taken to composting facilities, to inorganic waste disposed of in landfills, and that which is taken to incinerators. Then there is the size of the bag in question. Here, you want a bin bag that can meet the rate of waste disposal of your particular establishment. For instance, a bachelor pad or small family generates less waste than households with many kids and pets, or commercial establishments like office buildings and shopping centres. Others like restaurants, catering companies and other food service establishments churn out loads of waste on an hourly basis- hence need a bag that can be able to hold in the large quantities to reduce the frequency with which the bin bags are changed. The third factor to consider is the weight of the waste itself. Here, you want a strong bag to prevent cases of rips and spilling of the content. The bag should be able to hold in its contents without its bottom giving way. The Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack Clear (Slim Jim) have been developed to handle the waste disposal needs of domestic units like the families with large bins, and commercial establishments for the everyday waste that is generated. 


One of the main concerns with waste management is the increasing size and number of landfills. These areas designated for holding waste have a detrimental impact on the environment. It’s made worse by the plastic material disposed of here since it takes ages to degrade. In fact, there are pieces of plastics that can persist for as much as a whole millennium. Then there are aspects such as the greenhouse effect of these sites, especially due to the generation of methane. This is produced when the organic matter that is within the landfills gets anaerobically decomposed. Methane is more potent than carbon dioxide, resulting in greater heat-trapping capacities that contribute to global warming. Since more trash is generated on a daily basis, focus is shifting to measures that can be put in place to reduce the speed at which the landfills are building up. Plastics are also a menace to ecosystems around the globe, affecting land and marine life alike. This has seen the cutting back on reliance on the products, from packaging choices with shopping bags, all through to waste disposal, where more sustainable units like the Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack Clear (Slim Jim) are increasing in popularity. Since it is a clear bag, the contents that are thrown into it can be easily assessed, which enables users to know the items that should be disposed into it, and it also helps the collection crew when they are sorting the waste at recycling facilities. 

The Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack Clear (Slim Jim) has been developed with the environment in mind. The focus is on enabling you to meet your waste disposal needs without damaging Mother Nature in the process. The Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack Clear (Slim Jim) is biodegradable, being broken down by microbial action. The by-products of the process are safe for the environment, and the faster rate at which it happens enables the contents of the bag to be exposed to the mechanical stresses and elements at the disposal sites much sooner, in turn accelerating their degradation. This is key in measures such as reducing the rate at which landfills are building up.


With the Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack Clear (Slim Jim), you get to reduce the expenses in your domestic or commercial establishment. For starters, each individual unit is large, enabling it to hold loads of waste generated during the day-to-day activities. This reduces the frequency with which the bags will keep needing to be changed.  Then there is the pricing, where the packages come with affordable price tags. What’s more, with each box containing 25 bags, every purchase made gets to take you for the long haul. 

Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack Clear (Slim Jim)

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