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48 Inch Feather Duster

  • This is the perfect tool for dusting lights, ceiling fans & all high hard to reach areas

  • Manufactured from top quality soft feathers and strong, durable plastic

  • Suitable for commercial cleaning but also for day to day domestic cleaning projects

  • Safe to use around electrical equipment, pipes, fans, frames, coving, halogen lights

  • The 48 Inch Feather Duster is well made and fitted with a handle hanger for storage

  • It will remove even the finest dust particles from areas where vacuums cannot reach

  • The best tool for getting rid of high spider nets, fine dust particles and other residues

  • Flexible, affordable, coloured feathers, reusable, suitable for heavy duty cleaning 

48 Inch Feather Duster - Where to use

Fine dust is one of the causes of sneezing and a number of allergies. A professional vacuum can extract dust and residue from floors and woodwork around your home or office, but the fine dust particles that are hiding over the photo frames, pipes, ceiling, coving and the top of the curtains, is usually hard to remove. For this kind of cleaning project you need to use the new 48 Inch Feather Duster. This duster will remove even the finest dust particles that are not visible to the eyes, it will remove spider nets and other residue that has deposited in high areas. It can be used for domestic dusting, offices, commercial and even industrial dusting projects.

48 Inch Feather Duster - How to use

Before vacuuming the whole floor, use the 48 Inch Feather Duster and start lightly touching the top of your door frames, window frames, all coverings, spot lights, normal lights, venitian blinds, high pipes. It is highly recommended that you use a dust mask. Allow a few minutes for the dust to settle and then vacuum the whole floor. Be careful not to touch hot equipment or fans that are still on. The 48 Inch Feather Duster is safe to use around electrical fittings.

A professional tool that can provide spectacular results and increase air quality within your home or your office. Affordable, made to last and designed for easy and hassle free use. Try the new amazing 48 Inch Feather Duster today.

48 Inch Feather Duster

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