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Diafil Discolux 3 Steps Diamond Polishing Pads

Diafil Discolux 3 Steps Diamond Polishing Pads

  • Top quality diamond polishing pads suitable for natural stone refinishing

  • Pad 1 : scratch removal, Pad 2: gloss enhancing , Pad 3 : gloss maintainer

  • Manufactured from fine quality diamond components, very long lasting

  • To be used with low speed or high speed floor buffers or floor burnishers

  • Much more flexible than other diamond polishing pads, no lippage issues

  • It can be used for dry and wet scrubbing, polishing and gloss enhancing

  • Compatible with all 17 inch or 42-43 cm floor buffers, 3 different colours

  • The quickest way of restoring and maintaining natural stone & concrete 

Diafil Discolux 3 Steps Diamond Polishing Pads - Where to use

No nonsense diamond floor pads from Diafil. An easy to use 3 step marble restoration floor pad. It can be used on all types of natural stone floors, marble, travertine, terrazzo, limestone & concrete floors. The pads are clearly marked with numbers from 1 to 3 in three distinct colours to avoid confusion. Suitable for domestic and commercial floor restoration services. A professional quality diamond polishing pad from Diafil.

Diafil Discolux 3 Steps Diamond Polishing Pads - How to use

You will need a dual speed floor buffer or two different buffers, one for scrubbing and one for polishing. Pad 1, has to be used on wet with a low speed floor buffer to avoid splashing liquid all over the walls. Use pad 1 on wet. Stay on each tile for about 30 seconds. Pad 1 will remove small scratches and stains. Pad 2 can be used on wet and dry. Use Pad 2 to level up the floor and create a slight shine on the floor. Use pad 3 to achieve a “mirror” like finish on your floor. Pad no 3 can be used for daily cleaning and maintenance of large marble & travertine floors. Daily polishing with pad 3 will maintain a superior protection on the floor, it will increase sheen and it will seal the floor. More natural gloss means less absorption.

Here is the easiest way of achieving professional results on your own. Diafil Discolux 3 Steps Diamond Polishing Pads is the perfect solution for all types of domestic & commercial natural stone floors. Easy to use, cost effective and very long lasting. Designed by professionals for professionals.

Diafil Discolux 3 Steps Diamond Polishing Pads

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