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Diafil Pointflex 100 MM Worktop Polishing Diamond Pads | Velcro

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Diafil Pointflex 100 MM Worktop Diamond Polishing Pads

  • Top quality diamond grinding, restoring & polishing pads from Diafil

  • Highly recommended for polishing worktops, vertical surfaces, stairs

  • Available in all grits starting from 30 grit all the way to the 3000 grit

  • Compatible with all 100 MM velcro circular buffing/grinding systems

  • Safe to use on marble , travertine, limestone, quartz, terrazzo, etc

  • Highly cost effective, long lasting and designed for professional use

  • Can be used in conjunction with low or high speed polishing systems

  • Can be used for removing scratches & dull patches or for polishing

  • Manufactured by Diafil Italy from the finest quality diamond particles

Diafil Pointflex 100 MM Worktop Diamond Polishing Pads - Where to use

A velcro backed heavy duty diamond polishing pad compatible with all 100 MM rotating polishing machines/systems. Velcro backed and suitable for a number of rough to fine marble polishing projects. It can be used on all types of natural stone worktops, terrazzo worktops, quartz worktops, stairs, vertical surfaces, etc. For better results use the pads on wet surfaces only. Suitable for domestic and commercial natural stone polishing projects. To be used in the right order for better results. The grit of the pad is clearly marked on the velcro part of the pad. Always go up on grit and never go down on grit. So if you start with 220 grit, you should go up to 400. 

Diafil Pointflex 100 MM Worktop Diamond Polishing Pads - How to use

To be able to achieve professional results on your worktop or on any type of vertical surface, you will need a dual speed polishing machine or two polishing machines, one low speed and 1 high speed. Use the lower speed buffing machine with 30 to 400 grit. The diamond pads that fit between those grits are suitable for heavy duty grinding, scratch removal and dull patch removal. The pads over 400 grit, can be used with high speed buffing systems or polishers. 

Wet the surface well and while using a low speed worktop scrubber start grinding the worktop. The 30 grit pad is only recommended for heavy duty projects. If the surface needs a bit of attention only, start with 400 grit. Scrub the whole surface a number of times until the water has changed its consistency from clear to a milky finish. Clean the surface a number of times and assess the project. If the imperfection is gone, proceed to fine polishing with finest grit diamond pads. If the imperfection is still visible, go over one more time.

The 3000 grit diamond pad is the finest one you can use and it should only be used right at the end to achieve gloss. Regular polishing with fine grit diamond pads will prevent staining and will reduce moisture absorption. This is a premium quality diamond polishing pad from Diafil, if used right you will achieve spectacular results.

Diafil Pointflex 100 MM Worktop Diamond Polishing Pads

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