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Ettore Steel Floor Squeegee

  • Straight steel floor squeegee suitable for heavy duty use

  • Manufactured from rust-proof and chemical resistant steel

  • Easy replaceable heavy duty neoprene rubber squeegee

  • Compatible with most commercial wood/aluminium handles

  • Highly recommended for industrial and commercial cleaning

  • Can be used for pushing water, paint, solvent, chemicals

  • The perfect tool for garages, factories, shops, warehouses

  • Superb value for money, very long lasting, very easy to use

Ettore Steel Floor Squeegee - Where to use

A well built heavy duty universal floor squeegee suitable for pushing liquids from warehouse floors, factory floors, large shops, industrial units, commercial units, exterior paths and paving, etc. The floor squeegee was designed for industrial use. Compatible with most types of aluminium or hardwood handles. The Ettore Steel Floor Squeegee can be used to push large quantities of water, chemicals, oils, paints, etc. It will cover a large floor area and it will facilitate easy removal of hazardous liquids.

Ettore Steel Floor Squeegee - How to use

The new Ettore Steel Floor Squeegee is manufactured from heavy duty chemical resistant steel. Its neoprene squeegee can be easily replaced. The floor squeegee will attach flat on the floor and it will push huge quantities of liquids quickly and easily. The floor squeegee can be used on flat and semi flat floors. A premium quality, heavy duty commercial floor squeegee from Ettore.

A good quality heavy duty floor squeegee can reduce your workload and can increase productivity. All Ettore Floor Squeegee are manufactured from superior quality components and will last for many years. Unlike other brands of floor squeegees, when the squeegee wears off, you can just replace the rubber squeegee with a new one. Invest in the new Ettore Steel Floor Squeegee. Start working smarter and achieve more with professional tools and equipment from Ettore.

Ettore Steel Floor Squeegee

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