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Evans Blusyl Washing Up Liquid

  • High foam, excellent degreaser, very well priced

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic dishwashing

  • Great for hand washing and surface degreasing jobs

  • Will leave the surface spotless and streak free 100%

  • Low cost, very long lasting, low PH, safe on all surfaces

  • Can be used on crockery, dishes, glasses, chrome

  • One of the cheapest washing up liquid from the Evans range

Evans Blusyl Washing Up Liquid - Where to use

Evans Blusyl Washing Up Liquid is a light/medium duty universal washing up liquid suitable for domestic and light commercial use.The product generates great foam and is safe to use on all types of surfaces, porcelain, crockery, glass and stainless steel. Highly recommended for manual washing. Gentle on skin but very tough on grease. It contains a pleasant fragrance and it is very concentrated. It can be used for general kitchen cleaning projects and floor cleaning and degreasing.

Evans Blusyl Washing Up Liquid - How to use

1 drop of Evans Blusyl Washing Up Liquid will go a long way. The product is at its best when used for manual dish/glass washing projects. It breaks grease on contact and it leaves the surface spotless. It can be diluted 1 to 100 in warm water and it can be used with a mopping solution as well. No streaks, no residue and no marks. Not compatible with automatic dish/glass washing machines. Very dirty dishes might require 10-15 min of pre-soaking. 

If you are looking for a low cost but highly efficient washing up liquid to use on all surfaces, try the new Evans Blusyl Washing Up Liquid. It works fast and it provides spectacular results. Place your order online now and receive your order within 24 hours! Eco friendly, highly recommended and highly cost effective

Evans Blusyl Washing Up Liquid

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