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Evans Florazol Deodoriser

Evans Florazol Deodoriser

-professional universal deodoriser & odour neutraliser

-highly popular within the carpet cleaning industry

-unique perfume and very long lasting deodoriser

-it can be used on all types of washable surfaces

-to be added to any cleaning solution for deodorising

Evans Florazol Deodoriser

When it comes to dealing with malodours, you want a fast and effective solution. One that will tackle the stench immediately upon application, freshening up the room and allowing you to breathe easier. You can get that with the Evans Florazol Deodoriser

How To Use Te Evans Florazol Deodoriser

The procedure you use depends on the intended purpose. Follow these steps for the different applications:

-Using the Evans Florazol Deodoriser to clean and deodorise hard surfaces
1. First dilute it with hot water, with a ratio of up to 1:50 (such as 100ml of product mixed with 5L of the hot water in a bucket)
2. Proceed to wipe or mop the surface as usual.

-General air freshening
1. Dilute the Evans Florazol Deodoriser with cold water, mixing 1 parts product, 80 parts water. For instance, you can dilute 7.5ml of the deodoriser with 600ml of water, in a spray bottle or an atomiser.
2. Spray the solution directly into the air.
Remember to spray away from your face, and also not to spray near food. In case some of the spray ends up on your furniture, wipe it off immediately.

Benefits Of The Evans Florazol Deodoriser

1. Fragranced
That's the first step. Getting rid of the pungent odours that are permeating through the interior space. The Evans Florazol Deodoriser overcomes the odours, freshening up the premises. It leaves behind a pleasant sandalwood scent in its wake, enhancing the ambience, thus creating conducive living and working conditions that you can relax and focus on your tasks in.

2. Cleaning agent
The formulation also comes with cleaning properties, with its blend of non-ionic surfactants, quaternary ammonium compounds and dyes. As such, as it removes the odours, it also enables you to wipe off the grime from the areas such as hard surfaces in your establishment. It's an ideal option where you want a fast and effective cleaning solution that also provides deodorising action, such as in hospitals and nursing care homes where incontinency in patients needs to be factored in when selecting cleaning products.

3. Assured quality
With the Evans Florazol Deodoriser, you get a value return for your purchase. It's manufactured under strictly monitored quality management systems, meeting ISO 9001 standards. Specifically, it's under Cert. No. FM 09535. The neutral pH makes it safe to use on multiple surfaces, and around kids and pets. There are no toxins to fret about, and in fact it improves the indoor air quality. It is also an eco-friendly product, adhering to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Cert. No. EMS 506072, which has been registered by the British Standards Institution. That way you get rid of the odours without worrying about increasing your carbon footprint.

4. Affordable
You get all this without straining your wallet. The Evans Florazol Deodoriser is a budget-friendly formulation, from its fair price tag and the concentrated nature which means that only minimal quantities of product are actually required for each single deodorising task, to the convenient packaging of four 1L packs- or you can get the pallet which comes with 150 packs for large establishments with intensive cleaning and deodorising needs.

Evans Florazol Deodoriser

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