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-professional quality air freshener and odour neutraliser

-suitable for commercial and most types of domestic jobs

-it will get rid of most types of bad odours and it will kill the source

-suitable for deodorising carpets, upholstery, sofas, toilets, etc

-highly concentrate, highly efficient & highly cost effective 

-it will cancel the smell of smoke, food, urine, pets, damp, etc



A Look At The Evans Fresh Air Freshener

You want a clean and fresh smelling home. Odours sifting through into the living room from the bathroom can make the place unbearable. Smells rising from the sink or drainage spread throughout the house, making both you and your guests uncomfortable. Plus it's embarrassing and awkward when your guests point out the smelly state of your home. It even has psychological effects. The frustration increases stress levels, taking away your peace of mind. Even your sleep patterns will be interrupted, impacting other spheres of your life, from your productivity at the workplace to your social interactions. Smelly houses have been documented going as far as triggering couple fights. Smoke can get embedded in the carpets, upholstery, air dusts and even walls. The P-trap under the sink can have collected dirt, toothpaste, gel, hair, and other gunk that begins to reek after some time. Your carpet cleaning shampoo can get rid of the pet urine stain, but you’ll need an additive agent that can neutralise the lingering pungent odour. Then there's the problem of the odours such as smoke sticking to your clothes and following you wherever you go. You need a powerful product to neutralise these odours in your home. That's where the Evans Fresh Air Freshener comes in.



Offices are not immune to odours. Smelly washrooms, spills food and drinks, the lasagne and tuna your colleagues brought for lunch, over-perfumed staff, musky smells from the air conditioning system and vents, and even the occasional smoker in the premises. You don't want your customers silently holding their breath, or outrightly pinching thier noses with the thumb and index finger and rushing out of the building. Image is everything, and a foul smelling establishment will dent your business brand and reputation. You want to create an atmosphere that your customers will be comfortable in, and where your employees can work freely. Smells are distracting, and neither you nor your staff will be able to fully meet your business goals. Change all this with the Evans Fresh Air Freshener, that's been formulated to tackle malodours.



Reasons To Invest In The Evans Fresh Air Freshener


1. Effective air freshener and odour neutraliser


Bring a fresh fragrance into your home or office space using the Evans Fresh Air Freshener. It neutralises the odours emanating from washrooms, food residue, heavy cologne, and cigarette smoke, sweaty workmates or gym members and even the musky smells from mould growths. It leaves the areas smelling clean and fresh. The Evans Fresh Air Freshener works across the scope, eliminating smells from cooked fish, to spilled drinks that reek up the premises. It comes with odour eliminators, which contains molecules that encapsulate the bacteria causing the odours, eliminating them from the air and leaving a pleasant scent in its wake. It creates a lasting impression on the household members at home, employees and clients at the workplace, improving the overall ambience of the premises. The Evans Fresh Air Freshener can be used in residential and commercial establishments, from apartments, simplexes and townhouses, to the office buildings malls, auto showrooms, gyms, sports clubs, all through to hotels and day-care centres. Your home becomes more comfortable, the working space is made more conducive to your employees.


2. Versatile


You can use the Evans Fresh Air Freshener to bring a fresh scent to the air in the premises, carpet and even hard floor surfaces. Its non-ionic surfactants add to its cleaning power, as it is able to break down the dirt and greasy residue in the carpets and floors. You get sparkling surfaces that look, feel and smell good. The neutral pH makes the Evans Fresh Air Freshener safe to use. You don’t have to worry about it reacting with the skin as you spray, and it's also eco-friendly.


3. Invigorating fragrance


The clear, colourless Evans Fresh Air Freshener comes with a wild berry perfume that's long lasting. This enhances its efficacy, and provides a continuous fragrance that hangs in the air, sprucing up the interior space.


4. Mental well being


The Evans Fresh Air Freshener enables you to have a more restful night, sleep better, and achieve a greater level of alertness the following day. This helps in stress reduction, and improving physical and cognitive performance. You even work out better, run faster and do more push-ups when exposed to the pleasant wild berry aroma. The Evans Fresh Air Freshener also helps with memory. The capacity for emotions and smell are all rooted in the limbic system of the brain. The olfactory centre interacts with the hippocampus, which is involved with the formation of new memories. This basically means that you associate pleasant smells with specific memories, enabling you to recall events with ease. 


5. Easy application


Using it is a breeze, and requires no special skills. You simply spray into the air. The Evans Fresh Air Freshener comes in a 750ml trigger-spray bottle that's easy to use. For air freshening, it's used undiluted and misted into the air. For carpets, you mix it with the carpet cleaning shampoo using a 1:50 dilution ratio, mixing 100ml of freshener with 5L of the shampoo. You then proceed to clean the carpet following the normal procedure with the shampoo. For hard floor surfaces, you can dilute the Evans Fresh Air Freshener using a 1:50 ratio, or use it undiluted depending on the degree of odour, and then mop the floor.


6. Cost effective


You want a fresh and radiant establishment without breaking the bank. The Evans Fresh Air Freshener is affordable. It also comes in a 5L bottle for economy, which you can use to refill trigger spray bottles. It’s a highly effective freshener, and only a slight mist is required with every application, hence reducing wastage.


DO's And DON'Ts Of The Evans Fresh Air Freshener


· DO remove heavy soiling from the hard floor surface before applying the Evans Fresh Air Freshener.

· DON'T spray near food.

· DO spray away from your face.

· DON'T spray onto furniture. In case you accidentally do, wipe off the Evans Fresh Air Freshener immediately.

· DO eliminate the source of the odour. It can be a urine stain, soiled grout, clogged drains, food, particles and other debris stuck in the sink trap, dead insects in nooks and crannies of the building, or even a bird that got trapped in the vent and started decomposing.


Fresh Air Freshener - Professional air frreshener for less!

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