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-a professional neutral floor cleaning product ideal for machine use

-suitable to use on sealed and unsealed prestigious floors as well

-its high dilution ratio makes it one of the most cost effective floor cleaners

-highly recommended for cleaning big commercial high traffic floors

-removes with ease most types of general dirt and floor markings

-it can be used with success with normal mopping systems as well

-contains no perfume so it is suitable for commercial kitchens and food areas



Evans Low Foam Heavy – Where to use

Evans Low Foam Heavy is a professional floor cleaning product designed for cleaning big commercial floors or warehouse floors. Breaks dirt on impact and reduces the amount of time needed for cleaning floors. Evans Low Foam Heavy is suitable for use on any type of floor without any risks. This superb floor cleaner contains no perfume so it is suitable for the food industry. It will break most types of dirt on impact and it will clean and sanitise in one easy go. It will generate very little foam so it is ideal for machine cleaning. Evans Low Foam Heavy is one of the most widely used floor cleaning agents in shopping centres, schools or general big public buildings.



Evans Low Foam Heavy – How to use

Evans Low Foam Heavy can be used with all known cleaning methods but it is at its best when used in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine. Just add Evans Low Foam Heavy to the solution tank and wash your floors daily. You will notice that heavy duty dirt that other cleaning products could not remove is starting to fade away. Evans Low Foam Heavy reacts with the dirt on impact and it will break the dirt into small particles that can be easily extracted by the machine. If you plan to use this floor cleaner manually with a mop and bucket add the recommended dilution to a mopping bucket and wash your floors with a cotton mop. Evans Low Foam Heavy will clean effectively and leave streak free results.



Evans Low Foam Heavy – Dilution

Evans Low Foam Heavy is a heavy duty floor cleaning product that is also highly concentrated. For better cleaning power dilution is recommended by the manufacturer. The dilution ratio will vary from job to job and floor to floor. For daily floor maintenance in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine dilute Evans Low Foam Heavy 1 to 200 to achieve the best results. When manually mopping a floor with Evans Low Foam Heavy use a dilution of 1 to 100. Do not use undiluted to avoid making your floors sticky.



Evans Low Foam Heavy – Recommendation

If you are looking for a professional and highly efficient floor cleaning product please try Evans Low Foam Heavy and you will be impressed. This product breaks dirt on impact and reduces the time required to clean floors. Evans Low Foam Heavy is a universal floor cleaning product that can be used on all types of floors so you won't have to use more floor cleaning products. It creates little or no foam and it is known to clean, sanitise and polish floors in one go. Besides all its superb cleaning qualities, Evans Low Foam Heavy is a very affordable floor cleaner. Its high dilution ratio makes it very long lasting as well.


Evans Low Foam Heavy – the most efficient machine to use floor cleaner available!

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