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 Evans Pynol Disinfectant

-highly effective pine disinfectant

-suitable for commercial & domestic

-contain very strong pine perfume

-suitable to use on most surfaces

-kills bacteria, sanitises & disinfects


Evans Pynol Disinfectant – Where to use

Evans Pynol Disinfectant is a pine based general cleaner & disinfectant and it can be used for cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, kitchens, halls, tiles, etc. Suitable for use on sensitive surfaces like varnishes & polished floors. When used daily it will kill bacteria and prevent the spreading of infection. Evans Pynol Disinfectant is a general cleaning product highly popular with educational facilities and public buildings. Its strong pine fragrance makes it perfect for cleaning and disinfecting public toilet floors.


Evans Pynol Disinfectant – How to use

Being a general cleaner and disinfectant, this superb cleaning product can be used with all known cleaning systems. The most popular way of using Evans Pynol Disinfectant is in conjunction with a mopping system. Just mop the floor with a cotton mop and use the right dilution. Machine use is another way of using Evans Pynol Disinfectant. Just add the cleaning agent to the solution tank and wash the floor as usual. If you need to clean and disinfect walls you can also use Evans Pynol Disinfectant with a spray & wipe system. Evans Pynol Disinfectant – Dilution


Dilution is required and highly recommended. Evans Pynol Disinfectant has a very thick consistency and to be able to do its job right it requires correct dilution. The dilution ratio is very important for getting the desired results and to avoid wasting your cleaning product. If you maintain your floors with Evans Pynol Disinfectant use a dilution of 1 to 100. If you need it to deep clean an infected bathroom floor where its perfume can kill bad odours, use it with a dilution of 1 to 50. For all other cleaning systems it is up to you to pick the right dilution ratio. The lower the dilution ratio the stronger the perfume.

Evans Pynol Disinfectant – Safety

No safety hazards are associated with Evans Pynol Disinfectants. Having a strong pine perfume it can be unsuitable for use in commercial kitchens. Wear gloves and do not use it undiluted.


Evans Pynol Disinfectant – Recommendation

Evans Pynol Disinfectant is a product with great performance without a hefty price tag. One of the most affordable general cleaners and disinfectants. To fully appreciate this cleaning product you will need to try it. If you are a school principal and if you are looking for a brilliant disinfectant that won't break the bank, you should consider Evans Pynol Disinfectant.


Evans Pynol Disinfectant – all you can expect from a disinfectant & more!


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