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-provides a very durable high gloss finish

-highly recommended for medium to high traffic areas

-excellent scuff and slip resistance

-easy to apply and very easy to maintain


Mexapol Floor Polish – Suitable surfaces

Mexapol Floor Polish is a metallic finish floor polish that can be used on marmoleum floors, amtico floors, vinyl floor, rubber floors, natural stone floors, terrazzo floors, terracotta floors etc. It will build up a very glossy finish over any type of floor. Due to its high glossy finish, Mexapol Floor Polish is recommended more for the commercial market. Responds very well to burnishing with high speed floor buffers – minimum 400 RPM to achieve the best results.


Mexapol Floor Polish – How to prepare the surface

Remove all old floor polishes or sealants before applying Mexapol Floor Polish. Make sure that the surface is dry, dust free and as smooth as possible. If the floor has high porosity please treat it with Sealant B Floor Primer until all pores are sealed. Mexapol Floor Polish is not suitable for wood floors.


Mexapol Floor Polish – Application

Apply the floor polish with a microfiber flat mop head or a floor polish applicator. Depending on the type of floor you should apply 2 to 4 coats of floor polish. First coat vertical and the next coat horizontal and so on. Allow time to dry between coats. For high traffic areas you will need at least 1 floor primer and 2 coats of Mexapol Floor Polish. When the floor is fully dry, burnish the floor with a red floor pad. Buff your floor weekly.


Mexapol Floor Polish – Maintenance

Wash your floor daily using with a neutral floor cleaner. Clean & Shine Floor Cleaner or Lemon Gel Floor Cleaner are our top recommendations. By using acidic or corrosive chemicals like bleach or acid cleaner you will damage the finish of your floor.


Mexapol Floor Polish – Buffing

To maintain the beautiful finish of your floors you will need to buff your floors regularly. By buffing the floor you will heat the polish and you will get rid of all markings and imperfections. To achieve the best results please use a high speed floor buffer. Stay on the same area for a few seconds and make sure you buff the whole floor equally. Red floor pads & some hog hair white pads are the only ones recommended for buffing. Only buff clean surfaces. Wash the floor well before buffing.


If you are looking for a metallic finish floor polish that will last for years and will enhance the look of your floor please try Mexapol Floor Polish.


Find out more general information about water based floor polishes:


We all want a sparkling floor. A floor that's elegant to the eye and feels great under our feet. Whether it’s in an office, a mall, a school, or in your very own home, you deserve to have a great floor. Are you a realtor looking to sell a home? Invest in a floor polish to increase the value of your property. Are you moving into a new home? Spruce up your new abode by getting the floor done right. Polishing your floor will achieve exactly that- from finished hardwood, linoleum, vinyl and laminate floors to ceramic tile, marble, grouted tile and non-porous hard surface flooring. You want a polish that flexes along with the floor. Getting the right floor polish for sale will give your floor a streak-free coating that will resist scuff marks, dirt and scratches. The best part- it will make your floor look brighter and enhance its natural beauty.


Picking A Floor Polish

You'll need to evaluate your floor, so that you can pick the appropriate floor polish. You'll need to take into account factors such as the kind of flooring, the type of finish, and even the sealant that was used. Your safety and those of your household members, or the personnel using your office, should also be put into consideration. You want a product that's safe enough to be used around your kids and pets. Go for the floor polish for sale that contains no heavy metals, ammonia or formaldehyde. It should also be low in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).


The colour of your floor also comes into play. What floor stain did you use? How the stain works with the polish is a determinant factor when selecting the floor polish for sale. For instance, if you have a white-washed or grey stained floor, you have to get a water based floor polish. The oil based products will turn the floor yellow and make it look tacky In addition, it will turn more amber with time. Getting a water based floor polish will make your white-washed or grey floors to look better for longer. 


Water-Based vs Oil Based

Water based floor polish will give you a clear finish, and they have a low odour (they usually smell like a very mild cleaning product). That's beneficial in case you're living in the house as it is polished, or if you have to deal with parts of a restaurant floor in the middle of working hours. They'll accent the character of your wood without giving it an amber tint. One advantage that makes them popular is their fast drying time. Your floor can dry in under two hours. If you plan your time well, you can apply up to 4 coats and still sleep in the same room at night. You can also freely clean up the room and tools using water.


Oil based floor polish will leave a rich amber glow, and they'll require fewer coats. However, they'll take a longer drying time- 5 hours after each coat, then 12 hours after applying the final coat. The specific time duration may vary depending on the specific product the floor type and the humidity. Note that you should not use water based floor polish on oiled floors, in the same way don't use oil-based polish on a floor with a water-based finish.


Polishing Your Floor

Since polishing is a multi-step process, you as a homeowner or business owner can choose your preferred level of sheen- from stain to high-gloss. Your choice depend on your maintenance and aesthetic requirements. Before applying the floor polish, first check the condition of the floor. If there is any roughness-or if your floor feels like sand paper- lightly sand it and apply another coat of finish. Follow these steps:


1. Start by making space. Polishing is just like any major cleaning exercise. For it to be convenient for you, you'll have clear the room of your furnishings and rugs. It will give you the necessary space you need to work. You'll also avoid having to keep dragging heavy furniture around the room. It will save your energy and prevent any damage to the areas you’ll have just polished. Sometimes it's not always possible to clear out a whole room- the furniture may be too bulky, or you simply don' have any extra space to shift everything to. At the very least, try dividing the room in two parts. Move everything to one side then polish the cleared area. After you're done, swap over.


2. Read the polish directions on the label of the product carefully. Match the polish to the floor type- for instance, ensure that you use water-based, polish on floors with a polyurethane finish.


3. Test your floor for adhesion, and if the results are what you desire. You ca do the test on an area that's under a large piece of furniture or one that will be covered a closet. 


4. Clean your floor. Use the recommended cleaning products to eliminate dirt, grime and other particles. The wrong products can wreak havoc, by causing your floor to become dull, or damage its grain-in case of wood floors. Some floors may need you to sand and wax them again before you can polish them. 


5. Spray the polish onto your floor or apply it to a cloth, according to the directions on the package. 


6. Spread the solution on the floor and polish it. Wipe the polish in a semi-circle using a feathering technique. Overlap your feathering strokes in order to get a streak free finish. You can use a rough cloth or the applicator pad that comes with the floor polish on sale. It's a simple process, and there's no need to rush. Work backwards towards the exit of a room. That way you won't corner yourself. You can polish natural stone floors such as marble and limestone to a high shine using a floor-buffing machine with diamond-encrusted pads.


7. In case you're using a floor buffing machine, work from left to right using a smooth, sweeping motion. This is because conventional floor buffing machines have a clockwise spin. In case yours rotates in an anticlockwise direction, work from right to left. Note that you should never let your unit sit on one spot. You’ll be risking getting unsightly buff- burns.


8. You may need to apply a couple of coats of the floor polish in order to get the desired outcome. Remember to allow it to dry in between applications.


Allow the floor to dry completely before you being back your furniture into the room. Your floor will smooth out as its grain settles down, over the first couple of days as the spirits (oil-based) or water (for water based polish) fully evaporate. And since you use the floor, the foot traffic will continue polishing it- as long as you use clean footwear. 


How The Type Of Floor Factors In

The type of wood flooring you use will also affect the floor polish.

· Hardwood floors


They are a beautiful part of most homes. Not only do they create a warm and comfortable surface to live on, but they also easily blend in with the decor. Dust, dirt and foot traffic will wear down the finish, but you can reverse and prevent it using the appropriate floor finish. Apply a generous amount of floor polish and spread it evenly using a clean, damp mop. The polish should be applied in thin layers, using regular back and forwards strokes at an angle to the joints. If the wood planks have warps or curls, sand them before applying the polish. Another plus about sanding is that you can collect the sand formed to fill in gaps in your floor. Alternatively, you can get special filling products that you squeeze into the gaps and then clean off any excess. They come in different colours, so be sure to get the one that matches your floor.


Different types of wood will have different requirements. For instance, water based floor polish for natural maple hardwood floors looks better, especially over time. Maple tends not to go well with oil based products since they cause it to yellow with time. Using oil-based polish for your oak flooring will enhance its appeal and last longer. It will give it a colour and sheen that are deeper. For the hardwood floors, use area rugs without a backing- they should be breathable to allow moisture to escape. Rubber or vinyl backings tend to trap humidity which will ruin your polished floor and damage the wood. If your hardwood floor has dark and unsightly stains, that is a sign of water damage. It's usually just caused by long-term moisture seepage rather than actual flooding. It will also happen when you allow water to sit on your floor for a long time. Additionally, when the floor finish is old and damaged, it allows moisture to penetrate the wood. In case of water damage, simply sand the floor, refinish it and then polish it to protect the surface.

· Laminate Floors


They are constructed using dense fibreboards with a photo beneath a clear-plastic protective layer. It's basically fusing together of two or more types of materials, and then sealing them. Laminate flooring can mimic nearly anything- from pine, maple, cherry and oak wood grain finish to even stone. There are brands that use real cork beneath the clear layer. The best laminates can resist scratching and discoloration from sunlight. Polishing laminate flooring is a breeze. Restore the shine and lustre of your laminate flooring using a water based floor polish and an applicator pad. It will dry fast and prevent a build-up of wax, while adding a protective high-gloss layer. You can even fill in those unsightly scratches and refresh the appearance of your floor. It will leave a non-slip gleam that will be resistance to scratching and dulling. 


In order to shield your polished laminate floor from scratching, use floor protectors or casters on your furniture legs. Remember not to allow liquids to stand on the floor. Wipe up any spills as soon as they occur. Laminate floor polish works on all kinds, from smooth and embossed laminate floors to hand scrapped floors.


· Concrete

This kind of floor is used everywhere- from homeowners, retailers, medical and educational facilities. You can apply stain to your concrete floor during the polishing process or alternatively polish concrete that has been already been integrally coloured. Getting a concrete floor polish will reduce your maintenance time, as you'll only require regular damp mopping. Since its maintenance only requires water, you won't be washing any chemicals down your drains, which is a plus for the environment. 


Polish for concrete floors will give a high light reflectivity- whether it’s our office building floor, auto showroom, a restaurant or even a public facility. This also helps you cut down on your energy costs for lighting. Its glossy surface will also be able to resist tire marks (such as from fork lifts in stores), and stains from chemical and oil spills. Polishing your concrete floor will also increase its breathability and make it resistant to moisture transmission issues. Polished concrete is so durable that it's a popular option in warehouses, distribution centres, and even heavy industrial manufacturing plants.


· Limestone and Granite Floors

They are popular flooring materials due to their natural appearance and beauty. When you get the appropriate floor polish for sale you'll be able to enhance their appeal. You'll give them a high gloss and sheen, and you won't be required to strip your floor. You can apply the floor polish manually or use a low speed weighted floor machine.


· Marble Floors

They are similar to limestone, having been derived from the same kind of rock. They have just undergone more development (metamorphosis under tremendous heat and pressure) for millennia deep in the earth's crust. It's known for its wide range of colours and the resultant beauty. It’s also softer, more porous and chemically sensitive compared to granite. You should be very particular and select the suitable floor polish for sale that is recommended for marble floors. Polished marble is stain resistant.


There are 2 kinds of marble: natural and cultured. You can note the specific flooring you had installed from your records. If you had a contractor install the flooring, you can seek clarification from them. Alternatively, you can perform some simple tests: One is by checking the temperature by laying your hand on the floor surface. Natural marble will feel cooler than the surrounding rea, while the cultured type will have similar temperature as the air. Another way is by testing out hidden area of the floor using vinegar. Natural marble will react and cause some fizz or bubbles. Wipe off the vinegar immediately. Alternatively, you can try scratching an inconspicuous area lightly using a nail. Natural marble will scratch easily, while the cultured one is scratch resistant. Ensure that the floor polish you get works for your floor, whether it's cultures or natural. When polishing, ensure that you don't leave swirls on the floor. 


· Tiles

You can make your tiles -whether porcelain or ceramic- to shine and even cover scratches using a tile floor polish. Rub the polish into the floor with a soft cloth, and use circular motions, then rinse. If the tile has been scratched all the way to the white part, you'll need to replace it. The tile floor polish works on various kinds of tiles, from travertine, faux wood, slate, onyx, all through to quartzite, even the popular pebbles and stone tiles that provide character to shower and powder rooms.


· Vinyl Floor

It's popular in bathrooms and kitchens. That’s mainly because it has a cushioned core, plus it looks good. Its backing also provides additional resistance to moisture and mildew, enhancing the resiliency that vinyl is renowned for. With proper polishing, you can retain its original shine for years and keep it looking great. Ensure you clean it regularly to prevent a built up of dirt, which will dull the floor polish, and be difficult to mop away. The vinyl floor polish will work whether you've installed it in sheet or plank form. In both cases you'll simply have to rub in the polish using circular motion. Use gentle strokes, and apply a couple of coats depending on the level of shine you want. Use water based floor polish on your vinyl floors.


Benefits Of Using Floor Polish

· Polishing floors enhances their appeal. This is arguably its greatest advantage. It gives your home a grand look, and makes you to project a clean, bright and professional image for your business. Guests to your home will love it, and customers will be impressed by the standards of your business. The shiny look of the floor surface could even last from 3-5 years depending on the usage of the floor.


· It makes cleaning easier. This is a welcome relief for those who spend hours cleaning floors, especially in high traffic areas. A polished floor won’t harbour dust, dirt or allergens, reducing the time and effort that you will require to clean the floor. The smoothness makes it substantially easier to mop and squeegee.


· Renews the sheen of your floors. For instance, polishing your hardwood floors will restore the finish that was broken down by dirt and dust. Choosing the appropriate floor polish for sale will fill the scratches that form within the floor, and make it more even. This will bring that the shine and lustre that you desire.


· Enhance the life of your floor. We all spend time on the floor- walking, running and playing on it. It takes a lot of beating. Even the pets keep clawing at it. If your home is busy, the floor will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Polishing makes it scratch and scuff-resistant. Basically, it creates a barrier between your feet and the flooring, thus fending off gouges, scratches and scuffs. When you polish your floor you make it less vulnerable to damage, reducing the changes of you having to replace your floor. Remember that the polished floor is under constant attack from whatever is lurking at the bottom of your shoes. Consequently, it will need some refurbishing every once in a while. 


· Chemicals that are added to the surface when you polish it penetrate and react with the properties of the floor making it harder thus increasing its durability. 


· More resistant to high foot traffic. This is beneficial to office complexes and retail owners and big-box stores. For instance, if you’re a storeowner you'll just have to maintain the traffic ways in your store- you won't have to keep moving large display cases in order to wax and strip the floor of your store


Maintaining Your Polished Floor

Keeping your floor clean is good, but making it shine is even better. When polishing, ensure that you check your polish pad for any wear or tear. In case it has been ripped or caked with previous polish solutions, replace it accordingly. Doing a great job also depends on having functional tools. Floor pads come in different kinds of grits, which are denoted by their colour. For instance, white pads are usually the least abrasive, which makes them ideal for applying floor polish on surfaces with floor finish or wax. The colour varies depending on the manufacturer.  


You can prolong the length of your polish floor by getting rid of its greatest enemies: dirt and grease. Dust, sweep and vacuum your floor regularly. Vacuuming and spot cleaning is effective, but you’ll reduce your workload be keeping dirt out in the first place. Walk off mats can keep your polish from breaking down due to high foot traffic, in addition to the routine maintenance. Place a mat or tray near the edges of the room to collect people's shoes. That way you will reduce scratches by minimising the amount of debris that people track through the floor.


If you have many customers walking through your office premises, the floor will need to be deep-cleaned more frequently. At home, after bathing, ensure you squeegee way the water droplets to prevent water stains, especially for floors such as cultured marble. Avoid placing hot items on your floor such as curling irons, pots, pans and cigarettes

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